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Pictures from UFO Daze

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(Hold your mouse over the photo and it will tell you who is in the photo)

Group Photo
From left to right:
First row: Heidi (UFO2U), Kathy, Sue
Second row: Drew, John (UFOWisconsin), Ron
Third row: Jenny (UFOWisconsin), Sandy (The Lightside), Ken
Fourth row: Ken (Cape Macintosh), Ericka, Kathy (The Lightside),
John, Jim (W-files/UFOWisconsin) Fifth row: Jack, Russ (The Lightside),
Diana(The Lightside), Shelly, Bonnie (The Lightside), Mark

Camp Photos
Camp at Bensons Campground Camp at Bensons Campground
People at camp People at camp
Lightside members at camp Gabbyman & Ron

The crop circle that wasn't
The crop circle that wasn't

Speakers at UFO Daze
Heidi Hollis at UFO Daze Mike Schratt at UFO Daze
John Hoppe at UFO Daze John Hoppe at UFO Daze

Bensons Hideaway
Outside at Bensons Hideaway Outside at Bensons Hideaway
Jim Aho of the W-files

Thanks to Teresa/Wolfpoet and John Hoppe for submitting the above pictures.