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UFO's in the News

Past News Events of 2005


February 2005

India announces no manned lunar mission – like in Russia and America did Extraterrestrial UFOs tell India not to go to moon with humans on board?


The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing is Believing Thursday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. Central" 

March 2005

Planetary scientist to discuss human and alien existence-At the University of Wisconsin Madison


Past News Events of 2003

December 2003
UFO testing in Burnett?

August 2003
Forget Martians; how will we handle a ‘new’ truth?

July 2003
‘Other commitments’ may have kept aliens from UFO Daze 2003
Crop Circle Forms in Dodge County on July 4, 2003
UFO Daze landing once more in Dundee and Benson’s Hideaway

May 2003
Fog helps Stealth live up to name

March 2003
Meteorites land in Park Forest, Chicago
Anybody Out There?

February 2003
Flying Saucers - For Real!

January 2003
UFO Wisconsin reports 10 sightings in new year
Skating trip fatal for man - Casey Holt, MN MUFON, found dead


Past News Events of 2002

November 2002
I've seen a UFO and I'm scared
Bar and patrons are open to UFOs

August 2002
Dundee Daze story drew worldwide attention
Video excerpt, "UFOs in Wisconsin" segment, from TMJ4

July 2002
UFO Event Gets Unexpected Visitors
Mysterious Lights at UFO Daze
Reporter Not Sure What To Think
Wisconsin isn't New Mexico, but it's close.

June 2002
Port Washington UFO 'attractor' project

May 2002
Close encounters of the circular kind

March 2002
Web site documents UFO sightings of Wisconsin residents

You're Among Aliens

February 2002
Disk-Shaped Spyplane Could be Mistaken for UFO

January 2002
UFOs, Manitowoc Go Way Back


Past News Events of 2001

November 2001
Astronomers Predict Meteor Storm

October 2001
In Search of UFOs in Belleville
The UFO Files

September 2001
Site Logs UFO Sightings In Wisconsin
Flyby Forum - Website tracks UFO appearances in state
Couple Sets Up Site to Share Information on Wisconsin UFO's

August 2001
UFO Reporting Center Launches in Wisconsin
UFOs and Classified Aircraft
300 People Call Station to Report Sighting over Wausau
Are Fond du Lac and Dodge Counties becoming the hot spot...

June 2001
Club Members Scan Skies for Alien Visitors

January 2001
Wisconsin Reports 2nd Highest Number of UFO Sightings


Archived Past News Events

January 1999
UFO Author & Roswell Expert Speaks At University Of Wisconsin

January 1993
UFOs? Area man says 'they're back'

September 1989
UFO Gazers: Tall tales loom from Long Lake Lore

September 1988
There have been events area residents can't explain

June 1988
UFO's: Fact or Fiction?

January 1986
Was Strange Light Sunday a Plane, Comet, or UFO?

January 1980
How Do You Feel About UFO's?
Not All Accept Fireball Explanation

October 1979
Unexplained Night Lights Near Baldwin

October 1977
UFO Encounter Near Neillsville

July 1976
Youth Claims Seeing 2 Green Men from UFO
Bright Objects in Sky Maybe Not All Fireworks

June 1976
UFO Sighted in Counties

April 1971
Strange Lights in Sky Seen

Transcript from The Learning Channel
Searching for UFOs (excerpt featuring Tim Hildebrandt)

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