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UFO Education and FAQ

This section is for UFO education, research, and your UFO questions. We encourage anyone in the academic field to participate here as well. If you have a question or would like to submit educational material to this page, please send an email to "Director @ UFOWisconsin.com"

New questions and answers will be added to this page on a regular basis!


What is a UFO?
Why do stars change their colour constantly every second? red-blue-red-blue...?
Are all UFO Reports hoaxes?
Is the government witholding information about technology which could be mistaken as UFO's
What should I do if I see a UFO?
How do I know if what I think is a UFO is actually a meteor??
What is the difference between a skeptic, a believer, and a scientist?

What is a UFO?

The dictionary defines a UFO as "an Unidentified Flying Object". Therefore, anything that you see in the sky that you cannot identify is a UFO. Somewhere in recent years, the term "UFO" has become synonymous with "alien spacecraft". All the reports, videos, and photos within our site are simply "flying objects" which have appeared in the skies over Wisconsin and at this time are "unidentified". We make no claims as to the origin of the objects. If anyone does have additional information regarding any of the UFOWisconsin sightings please feel free to Contact us.
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Why do stars change their colour constantly every second? red-blue-red-blue...?

........... This is because of scintillation ("Twinkling") as the light passes through the atmosphere of the Earth. As the air moves in and out, the starlight is refracted, often different colors in different directions. Because of this "chromatic abberation," stars can appear to change colors when they are twinkling strongly.

Stars twinkle because of turbulence in the atmosphere of the Earth. As the atmosphere churns, the light from the star is refracted in different directions. This causes the star's image to change slightly in brightness and position, hence "twinkle." This is one of the reasons the Hubble telescope is so successful: in space, there is no atmosphere to make the stars twinkle, allowing a much better image to be obtained.

Planets do not twinkle the way stars do. In fact, this is a good way of figuring out if a particular object you see in the sky is a planet or a star. The reason is that stars are so far away that they are essentially points of light on the sky, while planets actually have finite size. The size of a planet on the sky in a sense "averages out" the turbulent effects of the atmosphere, presenting a relatively stable image to the eye.
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Are all UFO Reports hoaxes?

No. There is over 50 years of evidence for the existence of UFOs. This includes multiple witness observations from such reliable observers as policemen, pilots, astronauts, and air traffic controllers (ATC). There are also too many photos and videos which experts are unable to explain. Several large scale studies were undertaken in the 50's & 60's which revealed that around 20% of all UFO reports were valid. These are: Project Blue Book and "The UFO Experience" by Dr. J. Allen Hynek.
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Is the government witholding information about technology which could be mistaken as UFO's

We at UFOWisconsin believe that anything is possible. The Government would be the first to deny the existence of such technology. As far as we know there is no proof that this technology exists and if it accounts for some UFO sightings.

The Government in the past has developed aircraft that could be mistaken as UFO's. Those that we know about are the SR-71 Black Bird and the Stealth Fighter and Bomber. These aircraft were in existence for some time before they were declassified and released to the public. Some other new experimental plans can be found Here. The Government also played around with a saucer craft that they said didn't pan out and that project was scrapped.

It is quite possible that the Government does have this technology, but we feel they won't be announcing it soon.
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What should I do if I see a UFO?

    1. The first thing you should do is try to get more witnesses (be sure to get their contact information). Second, you should observe very carefully.
    2. Try to remember details such as: time, date, duration of sighting, location, appearance of craft, shape movement, trajectory, etc. Watch to see how the craft disappears from your sight.
    3. If you have a camera, take pictures of the UFO and try to include objects on the ground or tree level as a point of reference.
    4. After the sighting ends, write down as many details as you can remember. Finally, contact UFOWisconsin to file your report.
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How do I know if what I think is a UFO is actually a meteor?

Please see our new section SkyWatch, which documents upcoming sky events such as meteor showers, eclipes, etc. You may also want to check out the following website What's Going On Up There.
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What's the difference between a skeptic, a believer, and a scientist?

This information is excerpted from an article written by Kevin Smith of The Kevin Smith Show.

When it comes to unexplained phenomena, whether it be galactic interactions of an astronomical nature, paranormal phenomena, or UFO sightings, human responses seem to fall into three categories:
1) Believers
2) Debunkers
3) Scientists


Believers are people who have a predisposition to accept the observed phenomena according to a pre-accepted premise. In other words, if a believer observes an object in the sky that does not perform like a normal aircraft, and if the observer believes in extraterrestrial intelligent life, he/she is likely to determine that the object is of extraterrestrial origin and is being piloted by an ET.

If the phenomenon being observed is a demonstration of objects moving around a table while a person is ostensibly concentrating on moving them, the believer may determine that genuine telekinesis is taking place.


When a debunker is also a believer, but believes in a different set of presuppositions. He/she believes that odd or unexplained phenomena can be explained by known laws of physics or other laws of science. The debunker believes that apparently unexplained phenomena is either a natural occurrence explainable by scientific laws, or a hoax being perpetrated by a charlatan. The important thing to note here is that the debunker is also a believer, but with different presuppositions.


In using the word "scientist" here I do not refer only to geeks in lab coats. I am referring to a mind-set, a way of thinking.

Used in this manner, a "scientist" observes something that is not readily explainable and says, "I don't know what it is, but it bears investigation."

It is openly apparent that believers and debunkers create false tensions in the debate over strange phenomena. They muddy the waters with their presuppositions and anti-presuppositions. They argue for their point of view with fervor and passion. They accuse each other of either perpetrating a cover-up or a hoax. In the end, they leave the issues unresolved.

The scientists, on the other hand, provide some fresh air to the debates. They are open-minded enough to set aside any of their presuppositions and to press for investigation. Any real resolution any of the mysteries of the universe necessarily comes from this group of people. They do not rush to judgment, but press for evidence.

(Article snipped at this point for space allotments, to view the rest of the article visit Kevin Smith Show

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