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Shopping online?  Shop with us and make a huge difference in what we can do to help others!  Try checking out our Annual lists that we put together for our loyal visitors or visit our UFO Wisconsin Store page and find great ideas for gifts for any special occasion or holiday shopping for items any time of year.  We have categorized our store page into different themes to make shopping fun, and easy!

UFO Wisconsin has been publishing reports on unidentified flying objects for more than a decade now.  We have been a fluid and changing website as any endeavor of this scale funded directly out of the pocket of the operator would be.  For the last decade owner and Director Noah Voss has gone without many times in order to keep pushing ahead with keeping this website up on the Internet for all to use and for free.  Any support you can show is very much appreciated and every bit of help really does make a difference.  Some current and always ongoing projects in need of funding are the "Online UFO Report" form, and a revamped forum for people to communicate and help each other!

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