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Shopping ideas from UFO Wisconsins Store
The Annual Best Alien & UFO Themed Gift Ideas List

Some of the gift items we have on this years 2012 best gift ideas list are light of heart and entertaining.  Make no mistake that by shopping with us you are supporting established authors, ufologists, and investigators who have invested their own time and other more tangible resources for decades to help people come to livable terms with their own unexplainable experiences.  By doing so they aim to uncover more data with hopes that someday that information can be used to illuminate a new understanding about our reality.  Enough with the heavy stuff, enjoy our UFO and Alien best gift ideas for 2012 and please be sure to tell your friends and visit us next year!
Moving Alien Mask!
Best Animated Alien Mask of 2012 for sale
Alien Visitor Animated Moving Mask
Thee coolest alien mask we have ever come across!  This alien visitor mask has small pads inside that can be positioned to move with your own face while making exaggerated expressions.  As you move this great gift ideas mouth opens along with the eyes!
Night Sky Monopoly
Night Sky Monopoly Best UFO Gift Ideas 2012
Night Sky Monopoly Board Game
Who doesn't like Monopoly?  Well, alright so if you like Monopoly and sci-fi, outer space, aliens, ufos, and or astronomy you'll love this version!  Makes a great gift for any person who has embraced their inner geek, myself included!
Roswell Soil!
Best Gift Idea of 2012 Roswell Soil Sample Dirt for sale
Roswell UFO Crash Soil Sample
This is a great idea, and makes an even better gift idea for anyone who is interested in UFOs or Aliens.  Get your own bag of soil from the infamous Roswell UFO Crash Site in 1947.  Comes with the sellers "certificat of authenticity" and is certainly a gift that will set you apart from all those other big-box store gifts!
Wireless Mouse
Best Alien Gift Idea of 2012 Alien Head Wireless Mouse
UFO Alien Laser Wireless Mouse
I'm a little scared.  Seriously, this may be the toughest and spookiest looking computer mouse I've ever encountered.  Looks pretty dark here, however has a bit more shinny metal look, and is all the way bad ass.  Get your own alien head wireless mouse!

Ancient Alien Figures
Unique Gift Ideas Ancient Aliens Craft UFO Figures Metal
Ancient Aliens Aircraft Figures
If you're a fan of Ancient Aliens on TV then you'll absolutely need these for your desk or book shelf.  These are metal replicas of ancient Aztec sculptures created far before man ever took flight.  These have a small hole in the rear of the ancient aircraft sculpture so you or who ever you gift these to can be placed on a necklace.  Heck, you get two so one for you and one for some lucky person on your present list this year!
Alien Ring
New Gift Ideas for 2012 Alien Face Silver Ring for sale
Sterling Silver Alien Face Ring
Sterling silver alien face ring!  The dark and possibly spooky eyes really make this ring pop off your finger and get noticed.  This alien head ring makes a great conversation piece and looks elegant enough for the ladies and unique enough for the man to pull off!
UFO Detector!
Unique UFO Gift Ideas for 2012 UFO Detector 02
Real UFO-02 Detector
A real life UFO detector!  Maybe I should put a question mark after that.  This makes a great novelty gift, that who knows, may actually detect...something.
Light Up Flying UFO
UFO Flying Saucer Light Up Toy for sale
Flashing UFO Flying Object
These are cool.  A disc that lights up, and is launched by pulling a cord attached to the small launcher.  They shoot up and out and look trippy during the night and a bit like a heliocopter during the day.  A fun gift for the kids to chase around all after noon long burning off energy or by the big kids enjoying the disctraction from every day stresses!
Salt & Pepper Shaker
Unique Alien & UFO Gift Ideas for 2012 Salt and Pepper Shakers
Ceramic Alien Saucer Salt Pepper Shaker
If you know someone who would like these you'll know it.  A salt and pepper shaker one in the shape of an alien and one is sculpted as a flying saucer UFO.  Makes a great gift, that you can be pretty sure no one on your list has yet.
  LEGO Alien UFO Kit
UFO and Alien Lego Collector Kits Gift Ideas for 2012
LEGO Space Tripod Alien Invader
Every office building I walk through, I'm alsways amazed and impressed on how many adutls have a LEGO set built on their desk or in their cubicals.  If you know someone who is into UFOs or Aliens, this will be put to good use!
Area 51 Sign
Area 51 Metal Sign Deadly Force Authorized for sale
Area 51 Vintage Metal Sign
As soon as I saw this sign...online of course...I knew I had to include it here for my visitors.  This is by far the best replica sign from the now infamous Area 51.  Plus you don't have to risk getting shot or going to prison for stealing the real one!
Antique UFO Game
Best Gift Ideas for 2012 UFO Board Game Closer Encounters
UFO: Game of Close Encounters
Wow, this was a great find this year!  An antique game that is a must for anyone who likes UFOs and Aliens.  The box is titled "UFO Game of Close Encounters" and even if you or whoever you give this great gift too doesn't like to play games, this will sit on their book shelf with pride!

I Believe Shirt
I believe in the Paranormal T-Shirt For Sale Great Gift Ideas
Paranormal I Believe Bigfoot Area 51 Aliens UFO X-Files Shirt
A super unique shirt that comes in a ton of colors, heck you can eve get this same print on a long sleeve or a hoodie if you prefer!  It features the best wide range of paranormal topics I've ever seen including of course UFOs and Aliens but also bigfoot, chupacabra, Loch Ness Monster, Area 51 and others!  Great conversation piece, see how many random people can name!
Scooby Alien DVD
Best Scooby Doo Alien Invaders DVD Gift Ideas
Scooby-Doo! And the Alien Invaders
This is not only worth the watch, but also worth adding to your Scooby-Doo collection.  It is very reminiscent of the original Scooby-Doo season 1 and season 2 pre-Hannah Barbara.  If you're a fan of Scooby-Doo or know someone who is, this is a fun watch for the kids or the adults..heck - it's in my collection!
UFO ID Shirt
Best Gift Ideas UFO Identification T-Shirt For Sale
UFO Excuses T-Shirt
This is an accurate and funny shirt that shows 9 different UFOs with obviously wrong descriptions 'explaining' away the fearful potential truth...we just don't know yet!
Alien Bracelet
Alien Head Bar Leather Bracelet Gift Ideas 2012
Bar of Aliens Leather Bracelet
Give the gift of fashion!  Slim enough for the ladies yet tough enough looking for the men (not that ladies can't be tough, or men going for slim).  A row of alien heads line the silver metal plate on a dark leather strap.  Adjustable so it makes this alien leather bracelet an ideal gift for anyone with an interest in UFOs and aliens!
Metal UFO Sculpture
Alien UFO Flying Saucer Metal Sculpture for sale
Welded Metal Art Mini Alien UFO
I love supporting the arts.  This unique flying saucer complete with alien pilot makes a great item for setting anywhere that you want a conversation to start about philosophical reality bending ideas.  This great gift idea comes complete with three legs so you can easily set it anywhere!
X-Files Poster
Best Gift Ideas X-Files I Want To Believe Poster
The X-Files - I Want To Believe Poster
Fan of X-Files?  Of course you are, stupid question.  This, or a poster very similar to this poster, hung in Agent Fox Mulder on the hit suspense TV show X-Files.  If you know anyone who watched X-Files, they will flip over this poster!

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The Most Unique Collection of UFO, Alien, Outer Space & Sci-Fi Products Anywhere!
Shopping ideas from UFO Wisconsins Store

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