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The Best UFO and Alien Christmas Gift Ideas List
Shopping ideas from UFO Wisconsins Store

The more you click through our store, the more people we can help!
For many Christmas is "the most wonderful time...of the year" and we aim to put our own unique spin on the gift giving season of 2012!  You visit us here at UFOwisconsin.com because you have an interest in UFOs, aliens or an interest in learning more the global environment of the unknown; let us help make your Christmas present shopping that much easier and maybe fun!
Flying Saucer Glass Ornament
Unique Christmas Gift Idea Alien Flying Saucer Christmas Ornament
Alien UFO Flying Saucer Glass Ornament
Embrace your otherworldly passions this Christmas 2012!  This very fine Christmas tree ornament is of great quality and will look equally nice on the fire place mantel or the Christmas tree.  Glass construction and beautifully painted this will be appreciated by those not even interested in flying saucers!  A small alien head complete with antennae is visible inside the flying saucer UFO underneath the glass dome!
Unexplained Trivia Game
Best Christmas Game Ideas of 2012 X Is For Unexplained Paranormal
X Is for Unexplained the Game of the Paranormal
  This is one of of those unique Christmas presents of 2012 that is a great gift idea for anyone who likes a good game, challenging trivia, science or of course the paranormal alien life, UFOs and the unexplained.   This  game is as different  as each family member you will be spending December 25th this year.  Start a new Christmas tradition this year with X the Paranormal Game!
Doctor Who Visits Whoville!
Unique Christmas Gifts 2012 Doctor Who Whoville Xmas Sweatshirt
Doctor Who - 'Doctor Whoville' Hoodie
Any fan of Doctor Who will absolutely love this perfectly Christmas fitting sweatshirt hoodie gift!  It features the cast and characters of the hugely popular Doctor Who series as the Whos from Doctor Sues story The Grinch that Stole Christmas.  A wonderful play on Doctor and combining Sci-Fi with Christmas.
Alien Tie
Alien Santa Clause Christmas Tie for Sale
Alien Santa Christmas Unique Tie
I know for more than a few people a tie for a gift has become its own tradition.  This Alien dressed in our folklore-ish Santa Clause clothing will be a huge hit this Christmas 2012.
Area 51 Alien Dart Board Kit
Area 51 Alien Dart Board Deluxe Kit Unique Christmas Gift Ideas
Area 51 Alien Dartboard Kit
  I can't believe that they make this very unique Area 51 Alien dart board set complete with score keeping board and darts.  Frankly I am guessing this item won't be around for long so make sure the dart player on your Christmas gift giving list this year gets this present before it's gone!
Aliens First Christmas DVD
Unique Christmas Movies Aliens First Christmas DVD
Alien's First Christmas - DVD
There are just not enough new Christmas movies each year.  If you are like most people I've encountered in my life your movie collection of DVDs includes at least a few of the Christmas time classics.  If you know someone on your list likes the Christmas time films, you can bet they don't have this one in their collection!  Great for the kids and big kids alike each and every Christmas!
SciFi Robot Xmas Ornaments
Deluxe Unique Christmas Ornaments Robots Sci-Fi Retro
Retro Robot Sci-Fi Christmas Ornaments
Toughen up your own Christmas tree this year with these sci-fi inspired retro robot Christmas tree ornaments.  The fan of 1950s sci-fi will love these Christmas theme science fiction robots.  These Christmas time robots are for sale as a set allowing you to save a bunch with one purchase and technically have up to 4 different gifts!
Santa UFO Book
Unique Christmas Book Gift Idea Santa and the Snow Flake Space Ships Save Christmas
Santa and the Snow Flake Space Ships Save Christmas
Books are good.  Period.  Of course as an author I may be a bit biased.  Embrace a unique take on Christmas this year with Santa and the Snow Flake Space Ships Save Christmas.  All to often the Aliens are cast as negative, this book goes a different direction with joyful Christmas spirit!
Ray Gun SciFi Xmas Ornaments
Retro Sci-Fi Space Blaster Ray Gun Christmas Ornaments Set
Ray Gun Glass Christmas Ornaments
You can never have enough Christmas ornaments!  These sci-fi inspired outer space, alien or spaceman style Christmas ornaments will be much appreciated by any onlookers.  Neutral enough to make a great gift for anyone with slight science fiction interests.
Astronomy Playing Cards
Unique Christmas Gifts 2012 Astronomy Playing Cards for sale
Astronomy Playing Cards
Know someone who likes to play cards?  These astronomy playing cards make a great gift because you can simply use them as normal playing cards.  If you have an interest in outer space, astronomy, science fiction, ufos or aliens the cards are full of intriguing factoids about our solar system and beyond!  Beautiful images in a nice case makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer too!
Alien Saucer LEGO Kit
LEGO Christmas Gift Ideas 2012 Alien Abduction Flying Saucer Set
LEGO Space UFO Abduction 7052
This LEGO collector set of Space Aliens featuring a Flying Saucer is any kids dream on Christmas morning!  LEGOs are always a hit and for any kid (young or old) this Christmas gift will be a hit! 
Bottle Opener
Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener Unique Gift Ideas
Star Trek: USS Enterprise Bottle Opener
Everyone needs a bottle opened once and awhile.  Whether you are opening a bottle of soda-pop or a bottle of booze this Christmas - do it in style with this Star Trek USS Enterprise Bottle Opener!
Science Fiction Soundtrack
Spacemen & Aliens Sci-Fi Christmas Soundtrack Gift Idea
The Science Fiction CD
If you are anything like me, you grow weary of the same old classic Christmas music long before December 25th.  Fight back this year with a cd that is as unique as your science fiction tastes!  Now, this isn't exactly Christmas music mind you, but we thought if you put it on random with all of your classic "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" and "Jingle Bells" that you will feel more like you, and with a smile on your face!
UFO & Alien Xmas Ornaments
UFOs & Aliens Christmas Ornament Unique Gift Ideas
Christmas Retro Flying Saucer, Alien & Space Rocket Ship, Christmas Ornaments
This is a very unique and very cool Christmas Tree Ornament set that is nice enough to use as a gift or a little Christmas time present to yourself!  The classic flying disc, one flying saucer complete with alien pilot and one retro sci-fi styled rocket ship all in glass construction make this a new favorite on this years Christmas tree.
Alien in the Shed Sculpture
Unique Christmas Gifts 2012 Alien In Barn Sculpture
Extraterrestrial Alien Bar Sculpture
So, I'm not exactly sure where the tradition started, but you've seen those Christmas villages under your grandparents Christmas tree or at your folks house about the table tops for December decoration.  This barn or shed complete with alien peeking out from inside will subtly fit right into anyone's Christmas time collection while showing your own uniqueness this holiday season!  Certainly a unique addition to your Christmas decorations this 2012!
Alien Puzzle!
Unique Christmas Gift Ideas 2012 Puzzle for sale
QJ Octahedron UFO Puzzle Cube
This diamond shaped alien Rubrics Cube is the best mind puzzle of 2012.  Challenge anyone this Christmas to best themselves by taking a stab at this unique alien puzzle.
3D UFO Christmas Card
The Most Unique Christmas Card of 2012 3d Alien UFO
3D Greeting Card - UFO
The most unique Christmas Card ever!  For starters it is 3D and features a wonderful outer space back drop and comet with a shinny UFO flying saucer that pops up to life when opened!  Great card idea for any gift giving occasion.  Make your Christmas card fit that sci-fi fan in your life this 2012!
Army vs Aliens Game
Unique Christmas Games for 2012 Alien vs Army Gift Ideas
Army Vs Aliens Dice Game
Games are great gift ideas for Christmas presents any year!  This Army vs Aliens Dice Game will be a huge hit with the younger kids and anyone who loves a good sci-fi, alien, ufo action thriller movie. 
Ray Gun Rocket Coffee Mug
Ray Gun Alien Coffee Mug For Christmas 2012 Unique Gift Ideas
Retro Alien Ray Gun Rocket Mug
Some mornings...the really bleak ones; coffee is just not enough to get your loved ones going.  Give the Christmas gift this year that will help lift their spirits and their grin with each sip from this very unique rocket ship ray gun inspired coffee mug!  As a bonus this coffee mug also works as a hot chocolate mug or super cool tea cup (that was supposed to be funny but felt a little forced; sorry I'll do better next year).
Alien Santa Clause
Alien Santa Clause Poster Unique Christmas Gift Idea
Santa Claus Alien Christmas Wall Decal
Kids and college students alike love posters.  This alien Santa Clause does one better for your gift giving money, it is a reusable wall cling!

Alien Xmas Book
Alien Xmas Book Unique Christmas Gift of 2012
Chiodo Bros' Alien Xmas Book
At times it can be challenging to discover a quality book that fits our interests here in this sub-sub-genre.  This book by Chiodo Bros fits the bill.  Dozens of reviews and still hitting the 4 stars out of 5 is a winner in most anyone's book.  A Christmas time story featuring Aliens among other fun twists!

The Christmas Aliens
The Christmas Alien Book Unique Gift Ideas for 2012
The Christmas Aliens Book
Kids love Christmas, they love outer space and aliens, and they certainly love being read to!  Win-win-win with this book for your gift giving needs to anyone with kids this year!
Shopping ideas from UFO Wisconsins Store

The more you click through our store, the more people we can help!

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Shopping ideas from UFO Wisconsins Store

The more you click through our store, the more people we can help!

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