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UFO Wisconsin's Annual Christmas Gift List
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The Best UFO and Alien Christmas Gift Ideas List

For many Christmas is "the most wonderful time...of the year" and we aim to put our own unique spin on the gift giving season of 2013!  You visit us here at UFOwisconsin.com because you have an interest in UFOs, aliens or an passion for learning more the global environment of the unknown; let us help make your Christmas present shopping that much easier and maybe fun!
R2 D2 Snow Globe
R2-D2 Snow Globe
Simply Click On The Image Above!

If you're into snow globes this is a perfect addition to your collection since you're on this UFO site.  If you just like Star Wars or any quality SciFi film embrace this R2D2 Snow Globe this Holiday season to remind you of the cold death grip that befalls Hoth every sunset.  If you go out in the dark be sure to take your TahnTahn.
Remote Controlled Flying Alien
Alien Flyer R/C
Simply Click On The Image Above!

I love this little remote controlled flying alien!  I can just see this thing zipping around my place and into the Christmas tree this year.  Perfect for the big kid or actual child this Holiday Season!
Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot - Officially-Licensed Star Trek Tea
Simply Click On The Image Above!

For Star Trek Next Generation fans this should sound familiar.  Captain Picard ordered this exact tea, in this very straight forward manner "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." from the replicator all the years we settled into our seats in front of the TV to watch their bold adventures into places no man has gone before.  Not only does the packaging embrace this love for Star Trek but you also get quality loose leaf Earl Grey tea that any coinsure of tea will appreciate!
Firefly Board Game
Firefly: The Board Game
Simply Click On The Image Above!

If you don't consider yourself a brown coat, then you haven't watched Firefly, just saying.  If you are familiar with this epic gritty sci fi that's been compared to Star Wars mashed with your favorite Western Film.  Any sci fi fan will appreciate this board game on Christmas.
Time Travel - Fact Not Fiction
Time Travel Fact Or Fiction Book
Simply Click On The Image Above!

A quality book with fun and futuristic theories that may indeed pan out as physics and mathematics advance.  If you have a curious mind on your Christmas gift list this 2013, nourish it with this fun and imagination inspiring book about cutting edge science and its real world implications!
Personalized Alien Ornament
Three-Eyed Space Alien
Simply Click On The Image Above!

Get your little alien a little alien Christmas ornament this Holiday season with their name right on it!  Makes a great keepsake, and is of a quality glass construction with fun springy arms and legs!
R2 D2 Light Up Lunch Box

Simply Click On The Image Above!

This may be the coolest lunch box I've ever seen.  Not only is it a functional insolated lunch box, but it's in the shape of Star Wars R2 D2.  As if that weren't enough, this best Christmas present of 2013 actually lights up!  With the new Star Wars films slated to be released in 2015 this just may become a pretty hot collectors item someday!
Doctor Who Christmas Ornaments
Doctor Who Figural Holiday Ornaments
Simply Click On The Image Above!

Doctor Who isn't the longest running television series in history for no reason!  These will be popular if you know anyone who is a fan of The Doctor!  Several to choose from, just click the image above to get more info on these alien Christmas ornaments or check out their huge selection of more traditional versions!
Finders Keepers Shirt
Finders Keepers
Simply Click On The Image Above!

This is funny!  This shirt shows off your love of space and humor that you can find in NASA.  An astronaut on the Moon placing the American flag and calling out the grade school playground adage "Finders Keepers"
Moon Rock!
Holy Crap You Guys It's a Rock From The Moon!
Simply Click On The Image Above!

Did you wash out of NASA?  Can't afford the $60 million needed to hitch a ride with the Russian space program?  I feel your pain, and you can still feel like an astronaut with this piece of Moon rock!  This will be a prized possession for any outer space fan this Christmas!  A small piece of the moon at 2 mg but still a keepsake that makes a big impression this Holiday season.
Apollo Christmas Ornament
Apollo Rocket
Simply Click On The Image Above!

Maybe the person on your Christmas gift list this 2013 isn't as large of a fan of aliens and UFOs but still loves outer space and NASA.  This Christmas ornament features the beautiful and gigantic Saturn V rocket that launched so many of our Astronaut hero's into outer space and further to the Moon!
Battlestar Galactica Bomber Jacket
Battlestar Galactica Bomber Jacket
Simply Click On The Image Above!

I totally want this, after all you have to be prepared to jump into the space fighter craft when the aliens attack to defend the human race!  This is a replica of the Battlestar Galactica worn on the thrilling series.  Any fan will love this quality coat every time the weather dips cold enough to sport it.
Voyager Gold Disc
Voyager Golden Record Sleeve Wall Art
Simply Click On The Image Above!

Before NASA launched space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 they controversially included a 13" round plaque.  On this plaque using the language of science and math NASA imparted whomever finds it directions to find Earth, humans chemical make up and audio recordings made from children all around the world in their native tongue.  The controversy came when some scientists questioned whether we should so blindly share so much of ourselves with any less than friendly aliens!  Note this is a replica cast in bronze and does not contain the audio recordings.
Pink Robot Christmas Ornament
Space Robot - Pink
Simply Click On The Image Above!

This is a great glass science fiction robot showing off some classic lines.  The pink makes it a great addition to any little girls stocking this Christmas!
Gyroscopic Spill Proof Bowl
Loopa Gyroscopic Toddler Bowls
Simply Click On The Image Above!

Alright so I may be guilty of getting overly excited about cerebral things on occasion but this may be the coolest bowl ever?  You owe it to yourself to click through the image above and watch the video of this thing in use; pretty insanely cool!  No matter which way you (or your young child) turns the bowl it won't spill but remains upright!  The only problem I have is justifying purchasing this for my childless 30 something self...maybe drunk cereal eating?  Not that I find myself doing that allot, but with this I'd have the option.
Glass Helmet Space Robot
Space Robot
Simply Click On The Image Above!

Another great Sci-Fi glass robot Christmas ornament but with one super cool addition!  The clear glass helmet makes this one stand out Christmas ornament for any fan of outer space, UFOs, aliens or Sci Fi films!
Astronaut Moon Zen Garden
Space Mission Desktop Set
Simply Click On The Image Above!

Every time I walk through an office building undoubtedly someone will have one of these relaxing Zen gardens with an Orient theme.  The thought is that through the simple act of drawing a small rake through the sand the mind is focused and as a result the stresses or busy mind is calmed and distracted.  Help reduce stress this Christmas while letting that special someone show off their love for outer space!
Firefly Posters
Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set
Simply Click On The Image Above!

How did I not know these existed until now!  The hit sci-fi space western TV series Firefly is shown off in these quality posters showcasing the ladies of Firefly!  The visually dynamic design seems to be inspired by a slight steam punk look that harkens perfectly back to the TV show.  Any fan will appreciate these!
Believe In Yourself Ladies
Best Christmas Shirt 2013 Believe In Yourself And Aliens
Ladies Believe In Yourself, And Aliens Shirt
Every one should believe in themselves and that they can do better.  This ladies shirt has a great saying for any one who steps to their own beat...ladies "Believe In Yourself...and Aliens" definitely aliens!  All sorts of colors and sizes just click through the link.  Also available in men's cut!
Caped Alien Christmas Ornament
Alien Wearing a Cape
Simply Click On The Image Above!

This cute little alien Christmas ornament has got the super hero look down perfect with its added cloth cape!  A unique and interesting Christmas ornament that you won't find at your local big box store.

3D Outer Space Christmas Cookies!
Best Christmas Cookie Cutter of 2013 3D Spaceships

3D Christmas Cookie Space Cutters
A super cool addition to any Christmas time family gathering.  Bake up normal Christmas cutout cookies, use these to cut out four different space ships and several different small stars, let cool and slip together for a Christmas cookie like no other! 
3d Space Ship Cutout Chirstmas Cookie Cutters

Crash Resilient Helicopter
R/C UFO Ball Copter
Simply Click On The Image Above!

These remote controlled helicopter are getting more and more popular and for good reason - they are bloody fun!  Difficult to land sometimes and accidents happen and that's why this model made our best Christmas gift ideas list this 2013.  The light, flexible cage surrounding the propellers protect against bumps into objects such as walls and trees while flying and should the landing not go perfect, the blades won't break!
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UFO and Alien Christmas Gift Page 2013 Decorations       Enjoy our Annual Christmas Gift List    Annual Holiday Gift List 2013                                            Find the best and most unique Christmas gift ideas here!         The most unique gifts of 2013 include UFOs and Aliens          Merry Christmas!  Unique Christmas Present Ideas for 2013                            Find something for everyone on our Annual Gift List
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