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Shopping ideas from UFO Wisconsins Store

The Annual Outer Space Best Gift Shopping Guide List

These unique and new gift ideas are perfect for anyone on your gift giving list that has an interest...any interest in outer space.  Some of these items simply make entertaining and active gift for kids such as the stomp air powered foam rocket kit.  The kids of any age simply stomp down on a football sized air bladder that then pushes a soft rocket shaped piece of foam up into the air!  On the more serious side we have entry level real meteorite samples from outer space for sale to that of deluxe large display kits of real meteorites for the serious collector.  Get your kids interested in science with the astronaut space food sampler kit, the paper air plane space ship how-to book or the NASA themed space Lego collectors sets.
 Real Meteorite Samples!
Real Meteorites For Sale Best Gift Idea 2012
Real Meteorites!
This is a great beginners meteorite collecting kit.  Full of meteorites and impactites thousands of years old and from the far reaches of outer space!  This gift will be treasured by anyone interested in space or UFOs.  A very unique gift idea!  Seven different pieces of imagination inspiring outer space in your own hand.  Give the gift of what if!  Ya know, one meteorite even hit a person once.  She lived, I wrote about it in my book UFO Wisconsin if you're interested.
 Retro Space Food Sticks
Astronaut Candy Space Food Sticks For Sale Gift Idea
Chocolate Outer Space Food Sticks
These astronaut outer space food sticks are very similar to those sold in the 1950s throughout America.  The NASA follower or space junkie will love these old time treats.  You can be sure that the person on your gift giving list will not have this unique item already.  NASA astronauts will have nothing on you now...other than that whole been in space thing.
   NASA Apollo Mission Lego Set
Best Gift Ideas for 2012 NASA Lego Collection For Sale
LEGO Discovery: Saturn V Moon Mission
This is where it all began.  This Lego gift set is a collectors item and features the NASA vehicles that put us on the Moon!   This four piece set will look great sitting on an office desk as well as a book shelf at home...of course that is when you're not playing with them!
 Bicycle Air Pump Rocket
Gift Idea Air Burst Air Powered Rocket with Launcher For Sale
Powerful Air Powered Rocket Launch Set
This is the best gift idea for anyone interested in rockets, outer space or science.  All you need is a bicycle pump and these soft rockets launch 1,000 feet into the air!  This is a great stepping rocket gift between the children's air stomp rocket and the fuse rocket.
 Kids Stomp Air Powered Rocket Kit
Best Kids Ideas Gift of 2012 Stomp Rocket Launcher
Stomp Rocket Jr. Air Powered Rocket Kit
A fun activity for kids that gets and keeps them moving chasing around a soft foam rocket that launches up to 100 feet up by the power of only air.  A small bladder is stepped on or jumped on by the kids, that then shoots the rocket up.  They'll have hours of fun chasing down the soft rocket, burning off their own energy and creating a wonderful opportunity to introduce little boys and girls to science, to astronomy and to the possibility of more!  This gift really does keep giving!
 Outer Space Solar System Book
Best Gift Ideas for 2012 Solar System Book For Sale
Solar System: A Visual Exploration Book
A great book for kids or adults.  The photographs and images are the best gift to get a young one's imagination and thought process going on things not normally seen with the naked eye.  Adults will appreciate the explanations, and accompanying imagery of what we know today in 2012.
 Meteorite Silver Necklace
Best Outer Space Gift Idea Women's Meteorite Pendant Necklace
Meteorite Jewelry Pendant In Sterling Silver
This meteorite pendant style necklace is elegantly wrapped in sterling silver with such fluid motion that any woman will appreciate this gift for any occasion.  Complete any special occasion with this gift from beyond the stars and you will never be forgotten!
 NASA Space Shuttle Glider
Best Outer Space Gift Idea of 2012 Space Shuttle Glider
Space Shuttle Foam Gliders
A fun indoor or outdoor activity for kids.  Designed in the color scheme of NASAs Space Shuttle Orbiter, these gliders are fun for any age.  Makes a great item to have for outdoor parties, and birthday celebration themed events!  Inexpensive enough to purchase by the dozen.

 Warning Rocket Launch Area Sign
New Gift Ideas for 2012 Warning Rocket Launch Area Sign
Rocket Launch Area Warning Sign
We have two air powered rockets and one paper airplane launcher on the list this 2012 so it was only fitting that this sign make the list too!  The sign reads "Warning Rocket Launch Area Enter At Own Risk" and is a perfect present addition to any of our other gift ideas on this list!
  Paper Plane Space Craft How-To!
Outer Space Rocket Ship Paper Airplane Maker Book For Sale
Make Paper Space Craft Airplanes
Who can't make a plain old paper airplane?  With this you can make simple and complex outer space crafts, rocket ships and more!  Don't forget to pick up the companion gift ideas we've complied this year on both sides of this how-to make paper space craft book!
<<<<<Companion Gift Ideas>>>>>
 Auto Paper Craft LauncheR
Best New Gift Idea for 2012 Electric Paper Airplane Launcher
Electric Paper Air Plane Launcher
Don't tell me you are still throwing your paper airplanes?  That is so last year.  Let it be known that in the year 2012, throwing your own paper airplane became a thing of the past!  This automatic and electronic paper airplane launcher will rocket your creation into the air for all to enjoy!  Be sure to check out our Paper Space Craft Gift Idea to the left of this one for more paper folding ideas!
 You Are Here Poster Earth in Milky Way
You Are Here Galaxy Poster For Sale Best 2012 Gift Idea
Classic You Are Here Galaxy Space Science Poster Print
I want this.  I really do, and I'm not a big poster guy.  I think it does really begin to show someone, especially children a very real example of 'where they are' in the world.  Makes you think, and that is always a good thing in my book.  Give this give of thought to anyone on your present giving list this 2012!
 Deluxe Meteorite Display Set
The Best Gift Ideas For 2012 Deluxe Real Meteorite Display Kit
Meteorites and Impactites From Outer Space 12 Piece Deluxe Set
This is one of the best collector sets for sale that I have seen at a reasonable price; so it made the 2012 best gift ideas list!  With this single kit you are giving (maybe to yourself too) a specimen of each major meteorite type including 10 actual real meteorites from outer space!  The last two specimens are impactites - a type of glass formed by ancient meteorite impacts.  This gift comes in a beautiful display box and information about each piece in your new collection.
 Rocket Lava Lamp
Best Outer Space Gift Idea for 2012 Rocket Lava Lamp
Huge Rocket Lava Lamp Space Ship Light
This gift will be appreciated by any child of the 1960s and by anyone with a passion about outer space and rockets!  A tall lava lamp with unique rocket stand really complete this sci fi looking light.  Classy enough for a book shelf or office cubicle.
 Meteorite In Star Necklace
Best Kids Outer Space Theme Gift Ideas for 2012 Meteorite Star Necklace
Meteorite Jewelry Star Pendant
This Gibeon Iron meteorite discovered in Namibia Africa is perfect for anyone!  Comes complete in a gift box and on a stainless steel chain.  It is completely encased in hard plastic which makes it ideal for children of any non-choking age!
 In the Shadow of the Moon DVD!
Gift Ideas for 2012 NASA DVD In The Shadow of the Moon
In the Shadow of the Moon DVD
Great reviews on this DVD will have anyone with at least a passing interest in NASA or outer space captivated.
 Meteorite Hunters Book
Meteorite Hunting Book Rocks From Space for sale
Rocks from Space: Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters Book
This is thee book you will need to get out there and discover your very own meteorite!  With 29 reviews on Amazon and still a full 5 star rating you can't go wrong with this gift idea to any fan of outer space things!
 Meteorite Cord Necklace
Mens Gift Ideas for 2012 Meteorite Necklace For Sale
Genuine Meteorite Necklace Gift Idea
This meteorite fragment was gathered from the Campo Del Cielo located in Argentina.  It is reported to have fallen to earth 2,200 BC making it over 4,000 years old on Earth alone!  Complete on a cord this gift idea is great for a guy or girl!
 NASA Baseball Cap
NASA Logo Baseball Hat Cap For Sale Gift Ideas
NASA Logo Hat
Need we say more?  Well just in case, this NASA logo baseball style hat will really be a prized possession that can also be worn daily!  Anything NASA is always a hit with fans of UFOs and outer space!
 Outer Space Game!
Best Gift Ideas 2012 Outer Space Game for sale

Outer Space Card Game
Trust us it is fun enough, and with 30 cards per deck the illustrations and outer space imagery and photography the kids will be so involved they won't realize they are learning, unless you want them to!  A knowledge based game that has dozens of different decks for sale that cross many interests.  Very popular for a good reason!

 Moon Globe
Best Outer Space Theme Gift NASA Moon Globe For Sale
NASA Moon Globe with Stand
Anyone can have a globe of the Earth.  A globe of the Moon on the other hand is a super unique idea and lets visitors know what you are serious about...Outer Space!  Fine detail, and complete with a stand give this good ratings as a gift.
 Astronaut Food Sampler Pack
Best NASA Gift Idea Mission Pack Astronaut Food Sampler Pack
Astronaut Mission Pack Space Food Sampler
This is a no-brainer for a great gift idea.  If you know anyone who is interested in outer space, at one point they wanted to be an astronaut.  Trust us, I fall into that category myself.  If they didn't make the cut at NASA, then help them feel like they still achieved their lofty goals with your great gift of astronaut food sampler pack this 2012!

 Full Moon Wall Light!
Best Gift Ideas 2012 Full Moon Wall Light with Remote
Phase Changing Moon Wall Light
I've sold this great wall light that changes through the phases of the moon and has a remote control before.  It has made several of my top lists and it is always well received by my visitors and other customers.  That's why it made our best outer space gift list 2012!  Who wouldn't want a full moon softly glowing in their bedroom as a kid...or kid at heart!
 Great Book For A Gift!
The Physics of the Future Book For Sale 2012
Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Future
This is a fantastic read, by a fantastically brilliant author, and no I'm not connected to him at all, though I wish I could meet him.  You've seen him on the Discovery Channel and pretty much every other TV show.  As one of the creators of several theories including the String Theory, Dr.Kaku pulls together some really interesting and factually based speculation on the next 100 years and beyond in this book!

The Most Unique Collection of UFO, Alien, Outer Space & Sci-Fi Products Anywhere!
Shopping ideas from UFO Wisconsins Store

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