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The Best Science Fiction Gift Ideas List for 2012

Ah, yes science fiction!  There are so many great sci-fi films and merchandise that go along with them.  Each product adds to the fans enjoyment of the film franchise or their own appreciation day dreaming about 'what if?'  Of course we have many Star Trek items, Battlestar Galactica, a ton of Star Wars options including Han Solo's film quality blaster, and whether you are a Dr. Who fan or prefer Alien you will find something on our best gift ideas list of 2012 for yourself or that special someone on your gift giving list!  Don't forget to visit us each year for our new, exciting and unique gift giving list released each year!  Your support allows us to help at no charge those in need of assistance throughout Wisconsin and truly around the world encountering unexplained events.
Star Trek Door Chime!
Original Star Trek Door Chime Comunicator Best Gift Idea 2012
Star Trek Electronic Door Chime
This is a great gift idea for any Star Trek fan.  This door chime is motion sensitive and chimes every time someone passes the threshold it is set up for!  It is molded after The Original Series Star Trek communicator panels on the Enterprise!  You will know if you have someone on your gift giving list this year who would like this present.  If you do, they will never forget you for this thoughtful and unique gift idea!
Best 50 Sci-Fi Films DVD
2012 Gift Ideas The 50 Best Science Fiction DVD Collection For Sale
SciFi Classics 50 Movie Pack Collection
Guarantee at least one of these sci-fi classic films is going to be a hit with 50 titles to choose from in this great DVD collection!  The hours will become days as  whoever you give this to will make their way through at least a few films they never even knew existed and you will be their new science fiction here! (guarantee void everywhere but the moon)
Cylon Spine Shirt
Best Gifts Ideas For 2012 Battlestar Galactica Cylon Shirt
Battlestar Galactica Cylon T-Shirt
If you are a fan of the new Battlestar Galactica then this shirt needs no explanation, only purchasing.  According to the TV series the Cylon 'race' or 'robots' can be identified at times by a glowing spine that shows through their 'skin' yeah, cool right!
Deluxe Han Solo Blaster Replica
Han Solo Blaster Deluxe Replica Gift Ideas 2012
Deluxe Han Solo Blaster Star Wars Replica
If you are looking to get that sci-fi fan on your gift giving list something this year, but aren't sure what they have then look no further.  This is a movie quality replica of Han Solo's blaster as used in the Star Wars films.  Who  ever you give this to, I bet I know what they're going to dress up for this next Halloween!  This is the gift of all gifts that you can give this 2012!
Dr. Who Keep Calm Shirt
Best Gift Ideas for 2012 Dr Who Shirt Keep Calm For Sale
Doctor Who Keep Calm And Don't Blink
Don't worry "The Doctor" is in. If you know anyone who is a Doctor Who fan, this shirt will be appreciated.  Anytime they wear your gift out and about, complete strangers will compulsively let them know they too are a Doctor Who fan - it's a good cult thing.  That's what has made Doctor Who the longest running TV franchise ever!  Besides, if they don't want to wear your gift out and about, people can always use another shirt to sleep in, workout in or do chores around the house!
Remote Control Delorean
Remote Control Delorean 2012 from Back To The Future For Sale
Back To The Future Remote Control Delorean
She might not get up to 88 mph but this remote controlled Delorean will let the fan of Back To The Future films relive their favorite scenes over and over!  Take your movie watching to a whole new level of awesome and give yourself the gift of a fun collectible radio controlled car!
Paper plane Launcher
Best Gift Ideas 2012 Automatic Paper Airplane Launcher
Electric Plane Launcher Kit
If you can't be bothered to throw your own paper air plane then this is for you.  Launch your paper space craft creations with the automatic assistance of this launcher!  Just slide in your outer space paper craft and watch it rocket away!  A huge hit with the kids and young at heart.  The kids might not get the exercise of throwing the paper airplanes but they will burn off some energy running around picking them up.
Star Wars Folded Flyers Maker Book
Star Wars Folded Flyers Paper Airplane Guide For Sale
Star Wars Folded Flyers: Make 30 Paper Starfighters
Anyone can whip together a simple paper airplane, but these take your skills to the next level.  If they survive being tossed or rocketed about they are nice enough for the book shelf.  This gift idea is great for bonding with kids and grandkids.  This book and craft is fun and opens up the opportunity for so many important discussions about patients, science, outer space and imagination!
Star Trek Monopoly Board Game
Best Sci Fi Gift of 2012 Star Trek Monoply Board Game For Sale
Monopoly Star Trek Board Game
Who hasn't played Monopoly?  This is a great gift for anyone with a little bit of sci-fi interest.  The big Treky or Star Trek fan will really love this Monopoly game gift idea that shows all the main captains from all of the Star Trek Sci-Fi series.
Trust Me I'm A Jedi Shirt
Trust Me I'm A Jedi Shirt for Sale Best Gift of 2012
Trust Me I'm a JEDI T-Shirt
Any kid who has ever watched a Star Wars film has wished that they were a Jedi.  This sci-fi gift idea T-shirt reads "Trust Me I'm A Jedi" and comes in several colors and sizes!
Lost In Space Giant Pez
Best Sci Fi Gift Ideas Lost In Space Robot Pezz for sale
Giant PEZ Robot B-9 Lost In Space
For the science fiction film fan of the original Lost In Space!  "Danger...Danger" the robot would chime; even in the newer film version of Lost In Space the 'robot' made its appearance.  You don't have to love Pez to appreciate this great gift!
Alien Ice & Chocolate Mold
Alien Ice Tray Mold Best Sci Fi Gift Ideas of 2012
Alien Ice & Chocolate Mold
While the 'Alien' films may not be old enough to be called classic, the first one certainly will someday.  Get these ice molds and take your sci-fi movie watching to a whole new and excellent level of submersion.  If you have some skills in the kitchen these also double as a chocolate mold!  Who ever you give this gift to in 2012, the will appreciate and recognize the distinct Alien head shape cast into the sci-fi mold.

Science or Sci-Fi Game
Original Sci Fi Gift Ideas for 2012 Si or Fi Game for sale
The Sci Or Fi Files Game
This is a great game gift for anyone with an interest in sci-fi!  Fun and interesting questions are posed, with the other player simply answering if it is a scientific fact or a science fiction creation!  Makes a great conversation piece when you are hanging out with friends and family!  Kids can learn allot from this fun and intriguing game!
USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter
USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter Star Trek Best Gift Ideas 2012
Star Trek USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter
If you know anyone who likes science fiction or Star Trek or hell even just a pizza crazed person such as myself, then this is a perfect gift idea for age!  As you can see in the picture a pizza cutter in the shape of the USS Enterprise!  A fun and function gift for use or for display on the bookshelf.

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