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Date: August 5, 1976
Source: Fond Du Lac Reporter

Youth claims seeing 2 green men from UFO

An unidentified flying object landed on a Malone farm Saturday night and two green men were seen briefly before they disappeared, according to a 15-year-old Malone youth.

Mark Ziegelbauer of Route 1, Malone, said he saw the green men after the object landed on a neighbor's farm. The "saucer" was first spotted by his father Orville who was working outside on the Ziegelbauer farm around 10 p.m. The elder Ziegelbauer called to his son and both saw the multi-colored lights which Mark said were "kind of low" and "kind of big". He said the lights were "going around" as it went past the Ziegelbauer's new silo and landed in a hayfield out of view. Mark said he drove over to the area where the object had landed and saw the two green men when he shone the car's bright headlights. He dimmed the lights as the two men put their hands up, he said, and "disappeared somehow" in front of his eyes. Mark did not see the grounded flying saucer, he said. One of the two men was slightly bigger than Mark, who is 5 feet 7 inches tall, he said. The other was smaller. He was so "scared" he did not notice anything particular about their features, he said. The object, which was about the size of a "small camper-trailer", Mark said, was not seen when it left by Mark or his father. Mark said they both have seen almost the same thing, minus the green men, once before.

On Sunday, a woman from the UFO Education Center in Appleton came to Malone and spoke with the Ziegelbauers. She also showed them some photos, Mark said.

Mike Thompson, 17, of rural Campbellsport, reported Monday that he saw an unidentified flying object in the Dotyville area about 9 p.m. Saturday, an hour before the Ziegelbauer sighting. Thompson said it looked like a big meteor, but added he was positive it was not. He said he saw the UFO as he was driving with a friend along County Trunk W near County Trunk B south of Dotyville.

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