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Wisconsin UFO Groups

UFOWisconsin.com is not currently holding regular meetings.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your specific situation as meetings of this nature have the potential to help a myriad of individuals in dealing with their different UFO related experiences.  We have also experienced world wide in the past where gatherings turn into a group of people that gather to back each others similar idealisms on the industry accomplishing a sort of blind reinforcement of ones own belief system.  While this seems to be the general definition of an 'organization' or 'club' we also feel that a healthy dose of skepticism, empathy and open mindedness are all required ingredients that need to be brought together in a safe environment for all point of views.  

At this time feel that discretion is the best course of action for UFOWisconsin.com till we are able to orchestrate a gathering properly and on a regular basis.  Since we do often hear from our visitors with questions of repeating similarity in regards to UFO meetings we thought we would surmise our usual response to those here below.  If you are curious about what we have learned from our experiences in the UFO industry related to UFO groups please feel free to read on.

Answers; we all want and need them on different levels to just as many different questions.  Unfortunately we don't have what we would consider too many concrete factual answers to offer.  For some people just knowing that there are other people out there experiencing some of the same things they are is enough.  Some have to meet these other people for their own reasons and some build life long friendships in the process.  Others seek information researching till nothing left to research and then sometimes moving onto investigating similar situations others are experiencing creating their own research and the cycle continues. 

We would also recommend learning through your own research.  A quick query (search for information) on the search engine Google http://www.google.com using "UFO" as the search term, returns approximately 10,400,000 results http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=UFO for example search results.  This means quite possibly that there are over 10 million different web sites or pages such as "UFOWisconsin.com" that would have some relevant information for you to check out at your discretion.  This will keep you busy for awhile if you should choose this method assuming you haven't already.  If you have already searched for these broad terms and topics (such as "UFO") try narrowing or focusing your search results by including out of paranormal industry key words or specific interests you have for even more learning opportunities something such as "UFO Sightings" or "UFO Sightings Washington" or "UFO Sightings Washington 2005" (well you get the idea).  If your not a computer person or would simply rather a different type of tangibility head on over to your local library.  A wealth of information may be found at most libraries including those not laden with UFO focused books.  Speak with the staff, build a repoire with the librarians that will allow you to learn of events, authors, other people in the community with like interests, festivals and just general networking and support. 

 For those visitors not familiar with us here we in Wisconsin have a festival of sorts called "UFO Daze".  During this event about 500 people from in and out of the state will be in attendance to eat, drink and be merry amongst people who typically are not as quick to judge or through out that all to familiar "your interested in what?" gaze as the average bystander may be.  If your not near Wisconsin we're not recommending that you make haste to attend but rather to inform that these types of events are becoming more common place in our country (and indeed around the world) every year and you may be able to find one in your area through your research.  

If joining a UFO group is your current end goal we typically don't advise the running out and joining of the first UFO group you can find in your area.  Even though that may be the end result of all this, we have seen far healthier results when people choose to let their own research and understanding help guide them to the next appropriate step, rather than by following what another person says is the way for example.  In much the same fashion you may not purchase a car with out first becoming an informed consumer we feel you should be making a self educated decision about joining a UFO, paranormal or any other group or organization for that matter.

With all that being said you may find some instances where you can get out and meet other people with similar interests by checking out of some of the sites listed below or by following: www.UFOWisconsin.com/calendar.html

UFO2U is a UFO group based in Milwaukee hosted by Heidi Hollis. The group is unique in that it is open to UFO abductees, contactees, Art Bell fans, curious onlookers and downright critics. Meetings are held at the East Side Library, located at 1910 E. North Avenue, on the East Side of Milwaukee, from 2:00 - 5:00pm (always on Saturday afternoons). Visit the UFO2U website for exact meeting dates and more information

The Lightside

The Lightside study and support group meets in Appleton. Meetings have been traditionally held every Sunday from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Meeting locations change each week. If you would like to attend, email tls@thelightside.org and we will have the meeting at the closest location to where you are coming from. We always enjoy up-close and personal contact with people who have had experience or just have an interest in the UFO phenomenon.

Visit The Lightside for more information.

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