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Date: July 17, 2003
Source: The Sheboygan Press

UFO Daze landing once more in Dundee and Benson’s Hideaway

By Mary Ann Holley
Sheboygan Press staff

On Saturday, from noon until the darkness of night, those who believe will gather at Benson’s Hideaway — official UFO Headquarters for the annual UFO Daze gathering.

Owner Bill Benson expects several hundred people from all over the state and even further to flock to his small out-of-the-way tavern on the northern edge of Long Lake, just as they have for the past 12 years.

“People come because we have UFO days and mostly because there have been strange lights in the skies so many times,” Benson said. “It started way back in 1947, there was a big crop circle at the Ludwig farm in Jersey flats. Quite a few people saw it from this area; they saw some ships or something. We’ve seen so many things.”

Inside the tavern, where Out of this World pizza, Alien Extras and Martian pick-me-ups are on the menu, a 3-inch scrapbook sits on the bar, filled with hundreds of photographs of UFO sightings from the area.

A collection of speakers will share their unique UFO experiences and sightings beginning at noon, and at nightfall all eyes will be on the skies.

Last year, six glowing amber spheres it up the night sky as though they were invited to the annual sky-watch. They also came the year before, no coincidence, says Benson.

“We’ve seen lights in the sky three or four times,” Benson said. “I really don’t know. What causes it, I don’t really have a clue.”

Benson said a customer filmed a video of some UFOs about three or four weeks ago. He keeps the video at the bar and shares it with everyone who wants to see it.

“Nobody can figure it out — two lights flashing, one behind the other,” Benson said. “I hope we have a crop circle this year. If they’d do one of those, it would be wonderful.”

For more information visit www.UFOWisconsin.com or call Benson’s Hideaway, N4241 Boy Scout Road, Campbellsport, (920) 533-8219. To get there, take Highway 67 north from Dundee along the edge of Long Lake. Benson's Hideaway is at the north end of Long Lake.

Reach Mary Ann Holley at Mholley@sheboygan.gannett.com and 453-5169.

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