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Crop Circle forms in Dodge County on July 4, 2003
Date: Posted July 21, 2003
Source: See links below.

Do we at UFOWisconsin believe this crop circle is real? No we do not. Both John & Jim did go to see the crop circle. Below, Jim Aho gives his first hand account and reasons for why it does not appear to be real:

As posted on The W-Files Mailing List

From seeing the crop circles personally, it's my personal opinion that there is no way they were formed by random wind. I also think they were not formed by aliens. From what I've seen, I think they were made by boards and string type people.

Why do I think this?

1. the stalks were bent over at ground level, not at the nodes

2. The first two circles were the same pattern, indicating that the same tools could have been used to make them both.

3. the last circle had a counterclockwise pattern around the perimeter, but in the center they were all set down in a sloppy fashion, almost as if they had to get out of there soon and did them quickly

So, it's my opinion that they are a hoax, BUT I am still interested in what the people who took samples will find. I may be proven wrong.

Jim A.

However, while we do not condone hoaxes, we do not withhold information either. Below are a few links, one to a news story on this crop circle, and one to photos of the crop circle, so you can each make your own decision regarding it.

Dodge County Man Sees Crop Circles Form

See pictures of the crop circle

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