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Basking in Belleville

But still believing in UFOs can be a stigma of sorts.

"I'd rather not be known as the UFO Capital, but that's my own personal preference," Belleville Village President Jo Ann Therkelsen said. "I don't think the chamber would want to give up the title."

The village, on the Dane and Green County line, got the nickname after a series of sightings in 1987. They still hold an annual UFO Day festival, but Therkelsen said it's really just become a community event with an out-of-this-world theme.

"I don't really think we're looking for UFOs anymore," she said.

But according to the Hoppes' data, based on reports to their Web site, Dane County is still one of Wisconsin's UFO hot spots often coming up in the top three counties for reported sightings.

And as the banner on their Web site proclaims, Wisconsin has more UFO sightings than any other state except New Mexico, according to the Air Force's Project Blue Book, which studied UFOs from 1947 to 1969.

"It seems to be a good time to see a UFO," John Hoppe said. "So if you can't sleep, go outside. You might see a UFO."

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