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Island City Living

(column by Hoyt)

Remember the story of TJ's unidentified flying object? I explained in a later column about the scientist who explained some of the unusual sightings as "fireballs" thrown from the tail of a comet which may have passed relatively near Earth. In addition to that explanation, I recently received a communication from the U.S. Air Force Tactical Airlift Group in Minneapolis. In the letter, Colonel Howard Mangin, Group Commander, explained that his command was conducting low-level training flights in this area with C-130A four-engine "Hercules" turboprop aircraft at altitudes of from 500 to 1000 feet. The flights involve up to eight aircraft flying in trail formation of about six seconds separation and end with a simulated airdrop of paratroops or dummy cargo. This seems to indicate that they may very well remain stationary in the 500 foot altitude range while conducting the "drop"...and, perhaps, could explain the red lights that seemed to "hang" in the air...and then disappear.

On the other hand...it may have been an authentic UFO too! Who knows?

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