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UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report by UFOlogist Noah Voss
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Date: August 1963 7:30PM
Location: Wonewoc
County: Juneau

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report - Witness requested to remain anonymous

Details of Incident:

UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report by Noah Voss
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In late August of 1963 I was saying goodbye to my father who was leaving my weekend cabin in Wisconsin. My cabin was located in the hills one mile east of Wonewoc on Bell loop. As I was saying my goodbyes a large cigar shaped aircraft appeared from the south south easterly direction traveling to the north north west. It was approximately a quarter of a mile away at its closest point. It was brownish in color with what appeared to be windows running nearly the full length of the center of the aircraft I had the distinct feeling that there were objects peering out of the windows. There were no projections from the cigar shape such as wings, tail, gondola, etc. The journey from horizon to horizon took less than five minutes, although the craft just appeared to float as it passed by. Unfortunately I was unable to give this event my undivided attention for fear of appearing rude to my father.

I hope that you might find some use for this information. I regret not having written my impression down immediately after the event. However, what I have written here is indelibly in my mind even after nearly forty years.

For the record I obtained you website from a Oct. 13, 2001 article in the Baraboo News Republic.



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