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Date: June 1, 1975 3:00PM
Location: Milwaukee
County: Milwaukee

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Details of Incident:

The hovercraft that watched our game.

Hi, This happened when I was about 9 years old. My friends and I were playing in the field that we always played football in, in back of our houses. When we first saw this thing we kind of just tried to figure out what it was. One of my friends older friends son was a pilot of some sort and had a type of CB setup or such in his basement that the old woman would let us kids see, so my friend said he would try and see if its locator could tell us what was in the area at the time. Everyone but me took off for dinner, and I just wanted to wait for my other friend to come back and tell me what it was. Everyone said our parents wouldn't believe us anyway, so whats the use? It was just hovering like over me and kept changing shapes, and one minute you could see it clearly and the next it would fade in and out. I thought they were all chicken-shits, and tomboy that I am I just studied it. My friend was taking too long, yet it was like it could tell I wasn't afraid of it and it didn't really want me to tell anyone. Then it backed up like a zoom and vanished. None of us ever said a word except me, it was like no one else remembered or something, and it was very strange. As it moved though, I remember that it did change not only its looks but shape and color of its windows also. I did not see any aliens or anything looking out, but when it was almost transparent, I still knew it was there and sometimes you could see an outline of sorts. There seemed to be a crystal kind of effect in there when it was changing almost like it could radiate electricity of info that was bouncing on it or off it, like it could absorb info like that. And the windows sometimes went around the body in a certain shape fast then slow, slow then fast, and extremely fast at that. And those colors were like they weren't really there either, like they were playing with them or making them up as they went until they got it right. Maybe they just liked the game we were playing and wanted to analyze why we were. And maybe the lights were our score....or their excitement, or that I was not afraid. I did not at any time feel afraid of them either, it was like I knew or should know who they were, or why they came to see me? I only know that just recently I have had the pleasure to see them up close checking me out in my sleep. And when I felt their presence I awoke to see a connect the dots kind of starman bending over me, and then a smaller one walking towards him, touching his arm telling him it was time to go now, and they did. I wish I knew if this was real. There is no history of anything weird in my family on both sides, and my friends will not talk about it further. When I mention it they sort of go blank and act like I never mentioned it. That is bizarre! Well, I hope that someday, when I go wherever it is we go & if we do, that I find out instead of just dwindling into the vast universe with no answer either. That would suck. Thanks for looking at this, enjoy, and I hope others can be there with me if they do seem to be nice....C-Ya Me P.S. Till this day it is like I still don't believe it myself what I saw like I am deprogrammed or jumbled or something like that & it feels weird to recall or try to but at the same time is still fresh in my memory- just plain weird feeling.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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