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Date: July 1975
Location: Germantown
County: Washington

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Judy S.G.

Details of Incident:

No one believed what my best friend and I saw as she was walking me half way home, due home by 9PM, 5 min. late. It was summer of '75 July/Aug. we were happy girls, cheerleaders in 8th grade together, living only 4 houses away from each other, we thought we'd be safe saying goodbye 1/2 way, but suddenly we stopped babbling to each other, the way 13 yr. old's do, and stared up at this silver disk with port holes that were flashing different colors rapidly, yellow, blue, orange, red, violet, so fast you couldn't memorize it to tell others! We realized we both could not move. What happened next is what we know as mental telepathy, it was asking me if I wanted to come aboard the ship, I was flattered, + excited, + thought yes, of course, I am just as curious about you! But then I remembered my mother, who already lost a baby, and a 17 yr old son, and I told it, in my mind, that I couldn't do that to her, it would hurt her too much, that love is very important here! It's extremely important! And I knew my family needed me, and it would tear them apart if something unexplained happened to me. I hoped they understood. I was sorry, but I just couldn't hurt my family even though I wanted to go to experience it, + I wasn't afraid. They understood, and I felt a calmness, then a respect feeling, then nothing, it was disconnected to my ? brain + heart. Then it zipped at a 45 degree angle in a second, and disappeared. My friend and I screamed all the way home, tried to tell my mom, but of course no one believes you, so you keep it in so no one thinks you're weird.

13 years later I ran into my friend, with my fiance, who I told the whole story to, and she was very warm and happy to see me since high school. (Speaking of which, I continued cheer leading, and was Homecoming Queen etc.) She turned to drugs/introvert. She was great to talk to about basic things, but then when I told her to talk to my fiance about what we witnessed together, she totally freaked out, started shaking, said to me that "I can't believe you would even bring that up! I never talk to anyone about that!" She was shaking! She said, "I gotta go!" It was really weird for me to see her react that way, she never told me anything bad that happened to her, but obviously something traumatizing did happen to her, when I felt frozen. Like I said before, she was a cute cheerleader in 8th grade, but after this happened she was withdrawn, connected with the pot crowd, but never forgot our experience. My fiance saw the dramatic emotional change, in a second! So I know something weird had to happen to her!



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