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Date: April 22, 1976
Location: Elmwood
County: Pierce

Source: From the book Out There by Howard Blum. Pages 188-190. 1991 Pocket Star Books.
Note that this is the second sighting by George Wheeler that is documented by Howard Blum in this book. For the first sighting, see The UFO Sighting Report Here.

Details of Incident:

The second time George Wheeler saw a UFO was almost a year to the day later, on the evening of April 22, 1976. This time there was a noise. He heard it moments before the attack.

It all began when George, out on an evening's patrol, noticed an orange glow near the quarry at Tuttle Hill. "Looks like we got a fire out there," he radioed in. "I'm going to investigate."

When he drove to the crest of County Road P, he was high up enough to have an unobstructed view. To the north, over a flat hilltop alfalfa field, there it was. "My God, it's one of those UFO's again," he shouted into the police radio. But when he started to describe the craft, he was very calm, under control.

"It's huge," he explained over the radio to Chief Helmer's wife, Gail, who was working as a dispatcher that night. "Bigger than a two-story house." And he went on that it was silver-colored, perhaps 250 feet across, and that a bright orange beam glowed from its domed roof. The light was so powerful, he couldn't look straight at it. It hurt his eyes.

And just as he was describing this light, the craft started to rise. That was when he heard the loud whooshing noise. And, before he realized what was happening, a blue ray shot out from the craft. The ray hit the squad car.

The police radio instantly went dead. The chief's wife was yelling on the other end, "George, can you hear me? Are you all right?"

But George couldn't hear her. The car was a wreck. Its lights were out. Its points and spark plugs were ruined. And Officer Wheeler was unconscious.

David Moots, a dairy farmer, was driving the babysitter home when he noticed the squad car, its lights off, sitting in the middle of the road. He went over to investigate. He looked inside and saw George Wheeler sprawled across the front seat.

"George, you OK?" he asked.

The police officer didn't stir. Moots repeated his question.

This time George tried to move. He leaned forward from his seat, and then fell back. He didn't have any strength, and he looked white as milk.

"What's wrong, George?" Moots asked. He was really worried.

It took the officer some effort, but he finally managed to speak. "I've been hit. Get me to a radio." His voice, Moots noted, was shaking, full of fear.

"By a car?"

"No," George Wheeler answered very slowly and distinctly, "by one of those UFO's."

At just about the time David Moots discovered the dazed police officer, Gail Helmer was at the radio in Village Hall trying to figure out what was going on. She decided to call Paul Frederickson, a nursing home administrator, who lived just east of Tuttle Hill.

"Maybe you can look out your window, Paul, and tell me what you see. Anything unusual out there?" she asked.

It was after eleven and Frederickson was already in bed, but when a neighbor asks a favor - especially if she's the wife of the police chief - nobody in Elmwood complains too much. He went to his window.

"I saw this flaming orange object in the sky," Frederickson remembered. "It resembled a bright orange half-moon. I watched it for a full ten seconds and went back to the phone. By the time I returned to the window with my wife, the object was gone."

A few miles away, south of Tuttle Hill, Mrs. Miles Wergland was watching the eleven o'clock news on her bedroom television. Suddenly her set went black. Annoyed, she put on her slippers and trudged to the cantankerous television. She kept on pushing the on/off button. Nothing happened. And then she noticed the glorious light shining outside her bedroom window. The room was now pitch-dark but outside something was lighting up the sky - and it was moving. Its glow suddenly illuminated the bedroom. Bathed in this light, she went to the window and watched a spacecraft zoom silently across the night sky. "It was shaped like the moon, but was much brighter and colored differently," she remembered.

She watched it pass from sight, and when it was gone the television flashed back on.

Source: Excerpt from an article published in the Melrose, WI Chronicle, February 24, 1988

UFO's - Seeing is Believing for Local Resident

The first sighting was also on Tuttle Hill near his home. It was April 22, 1976, and Paul Fredrickson was at home with his family. Around 11:00 p.m., he received a phone call from the police dispatcher, Gail Miley. The dispatcher asked Paul to look out his window toward the quarry that was located about 1 1/2 miles away, and report back what he saw. The dispatcher was concerned, because shortly before, George Wheeler, a former police chief of Elmwood and at that time on duty as a relief officer, had radioed in to the Pierce County Sheriff's Office, that he had seen a glow at the top of Tuttle Hill, where the quarry is located. Wheeler was concerned about a possible fire, and said he was going to investigate. The next time the dispatcher heard from Wheeler, he had reached the top of the hill, and reported he saw a UFO above the quarry. He started to describe the object when the radio went dead. That's when the dispatcher called Paul. From his window, Paul said he saw "a bright orange glow. It resembled a bright orange half-moon. I went back to the phone and by the time I returned to the window, it was gone." At about the same time, a neighbor, south of Tuttle Hill, saw something shaped like the moon above the quarry, but it was much brighter and colored differently.

Moments after these sightings occurred, a passing motorist came upon Wheeler's police car, parked with no lights on. The motorist noticed Wheeler with his car door open, and apparently dazed. Wheeler told the motorist he had been hit by a UFO. After recovering, Wheeler reported to local papers that he had seen a huge object, as high as a two story house, and about 250 feet across. It was silver colored, with an extremely bright orange light at the top. When the craft rose he said, a blue flash of light shot out. That's the last thing he remembered until the motorist found him. "I don't know what I saw," Wheeler reported, "but all I know is that I don't want that experience repeated ever again." Police Chief Homer later said, "I've seen Wheeler under all kinds of conditions relating to police work, and I've never seen him shaken up like he was that night." Wheeler was later reported to have suffered severe headaches for several days after the sighting. He was hospitalized for tests. Paul recalls that Wheeler was once interviewed about that night by a professor. The professor offered to put Wheeler under hypnosis to see if he could remember any more about that night. Paul says Wheeler adamantly refused, saying he never wanted to go through that night again. Wheeler died about a year later.


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