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Date: November 25, 1980 at 10:30 pm
Location: Lake Tomahawk
County: Oneida

Source: Minocqua, WI Lakeland Times, December 4, 1980

Details of Incident:


Watch two UFOs over Lake Tomahawk

Several persons reported seeing two unidentified flying objects over Lake Tomahawk about 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 25, near Kroh's Landing.

One of those who saw the objects told the Times they called the Minocqua Police Department and a squad was sent to the scene.

"The policeman watched it for 10 to 15 minutes too," said Dale Kroh.

"Mrs. (Ruth) Klippel reported that she had seen several over the past few years," said Kroh. "I was at her house on the 25th when she, in a matter-of-fact way, said 'there's another UFO'. I looked outside and there was."

"It wasn't a star. The object was some three miles away and was reflecting on the lake. We looked at it through binoculars and it looked circular."

"The lights were flickering - red, green and white. Just as they were about to go out, the sequence would start again. And then it appeared to turn on an axis. We could see it was cone shaped. It was moving slowly. It was near the horizon then it moved to some 45 degrees in the sky."

They watched it for some one and a half hours. The object didn't make a sound, according to one witness.

Another object was then sighted at a distance of 10,000 feet. The second object appeared to circle the first one. It, too, featured a light display.

"This one was going about the speed of a plane, but it wasn't, as it circled the other object, changing directions."

Kroh added, "It was a very interesting evening, to say the least."

Mrs. Celeste Nowak also reported seeing the same two unidentified flying objects on Tuesday, Nov. 25. "they weren't stars," she said.

Mrs. Klippel told the Times on Monday, Dec. 1, that the object, whatever it was, was "cone shaped" with red and green flashing lights. "You could see the colors in the lake. I've never seen one this low before."

"It made no noise and just hovered for an hour and a half or so."

Mrs. Klippel said she has observed several unidentified flying objects within the past "three or four years."

"This is the first one I've seen this year," she said.

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