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Date: December 4, 1980 at 6:00 pm
Location: Osceola
County: Polk

Source: St. Croix Falls, WI Standard Press, December 11, 1980

Details of Incident:

Two Men Sight Possible UFO

Rodney Wycoff and Terry Enney had a strange experience while driving home from work last Thursday evening.

Both men, employed by Johnsons Feed in St. Croix Falls, claim they sighted unusual flying objects at about 6 p.m. that evening.

Wycoff, who lives in Deronda, explained that he was giving Terry a ride to his home in Osceola. They were headed south on Hwy. 35 and as they passed Green Implement and reached the top of the hill, Wycoff said he sighted two large balls of white light that seemed to cross the road from east to west.

"I looked over at Terry and asked him if he had seen anything," Wycoff said. "He said yes and told me to stop the truck 'right now'. We couldn't figure out what in the world the lights would be."

Wycoff said that he then pulled his truck over to the side of the road about 1/2 mile north of Osceola and they both stepped out of the vehicle to get a better look.

"The lights were constant and seemed to be circling from east to west at a very high speed. The two lights were very bright and totally white, they never blinked or dimmed. I've never seen anything like it," he said.

The men observed the objects from the highway and then decided to travel on to Enneys home on Chiefton Street, about two blocks north of Osceola High School.

"When we got to Terrys we stood in the front of his door, and they were still up there, it was incredible," Wycoff said. "We could see them over the treetops still circling. After just a few minutes a third ball of light appeared and my mouth dropped open."

"All three were circling when the third one accelerated very rapidly, and passed the other two. As it passed, it turned to its side and we could see it was a circular shape, like a saucer," Wycoff said.

"It seemed like they were playing tag up there or something. We stood there astonished watching them. We didn't even think to call the police until they disappeared," he added.

"We weren't really scared. I think I might have been if they would have been flying closer though," he said. "I was more amazed than anything."

At first the men thought they were seeing lights from the airport, but after arriving at Terrys home, they could see the airport lights, and the balls of light, Wycoff explained.

All three objects were the same size, though the last one sighted by the men seemed to have more acceleration power.

Wycoff estimated the objects were flying about 3-4 miles south of Osceola, but didn't guess the altitude.

The men sighted the objects for a little more than one-half hour, before the third object seemed to lead the first two away.

No information was available from local police to verify the incident.


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