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Date: April 4, 1982
Location: Osceola
County: Polk

Source: St. Croix Falls, WI Standard Press, April 8, 1982

Details of Incident:

Objects Sighted In Sky

Sunday, April 4, will be remembered by Chuck Linnell for sometime to come. The retelling of his experience will explain why.

"I was driving south on 95, about 8 p.m. I went to pick up my son Allan at Hawkinson's. I saw it when it was a ways away, it looked like a light on an airplane, as it got closer it got brighter and bigger. About 3/4 of a mile away it was so bright you couldn't look at it. I had to squint to see the one big ball that was reddish pink. It seemed about treetop high. I could see the tree lit up and there was a glare shining on the ground. There was smoke coming from the top of the ball. Two or three cars were watching it on Highway 95 by 243 when I went by. It went beyond the ridge and when I drove to the top of the ridge it was gone. I just couldn't believe it. I stopped the car and got out but couldn't hear anything."

Chuck Linnell was just one of many people who spotted the reddish pink balls Sunday. Each had a different story to tell of what they saw in the evening sky, but there was a similarity to them all.

Orin Succo had just finished the milking, his son Jeff had gone to join his brother Jerry in the house at 8:04 p.m. Orin left the milk house with his grandchildren Jason and Katie. The door opens to the east, where he saw "Two big fire red objects," off towards the river and Osceola. He sent the kids into the house to get their father, Jerry. Jeff followed them into the yard.

The house sits on a hill near Highway 243 so that you can see across the river to the Osceola airport. Sunday night they watched two "big pinkish reddish" objects. One went behind the hill near the steel grainery and was not seen again. The other flew towards the east at approximately eye level. "A mass of smoke was going straight up" from the ball. "Something dropped out of the ball that appeared to be on fire." The ball continued to move east at a steady, even moderate speed. "Then the red just shut off," and looked like a "yellow light the size of a flashlight." The object moved rapidly away until it was out of view. Orin walked the kids to the house, when he checked the clock the time was 8:13 p.m.

The Joe Mallery family arrived home around 8 p.m. His wife Nancy brought some groceries to the house as Joe prepared the items that would go to the barn. He saw two lights in the sky towards the southeast. They were "reddish, pinkish balls, one about the size of a basketball" and one a little smaller, "about the size of a soccer ball." Bobbie Jo their three year old daughter got "scared of the funny lights" and went in the house to join her mother. The balls seemed to come down closer to the ground with "smoke coming up from them."

Jane Green was driving to her home south of 243 as she returned from Taylors Falls. It was close to 8 p.m. She was alone in the car when she saw "two of them to the northeast." "They were very bright reddish balls." She parked the car and went into the house to get her husband, George, so he could see them, too. When they came out the balls were gone.

What these objects were is the question each person who saw them must be asking himself. Whether he viewed them with curiosity, awe or fear, I'm sure all would agree with Jane, "I was very surprised."


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