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Date: August 25, 1982 7:15PM
Location: Sheboygan
County: Sheboygan

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report by Keith B.

Details of Incident:

Shortly past 7pm on August 25, 1982, we were in the backyard (myself, my wife, and three sons) when we noticed about 12 lights passing in a double row in the sky from the east to the west. The first 11 of the lights were just a single light while the last one in the formation was a blinking light. All were white in color. When all of a sudden two of the lights in front of the formation started chasing each other in all directions at a speed we had not seen before, then as if by command they got back in formation and continued their slow pace to the west until out of sight. After awhile we were watching the skies and then several more crafts appeared in the sky going overhead again from the east to the west. I say crafts because although it was getting dark now, we could still determine that the lights were on separate crafts. I then went into the house to get a small telescope that I have and while getting it set up a huge pair of crafts came again from the same direction. At this time several neighbor girls saw what we were doing and asked what were we looking at, we pointed to the sky and their eyes widened and gasped "oh my God", and ran home to tell their parents. Although I couldn't quite make out the color of the two large crafts it was quite evident the there were lights on the inside and the outside of the vehicle. I could also make out several small crafts flying around the large ones. After that occasion we had purchased a video camera and kept watching the skies, we had seen other sightings but were unable to record them properly that would qualify them as unquestionable proof. A short time later my wife was relating the experience in the establishment of her bowling sponsor and a person overheard her and said a neighbor had seen basically the same thing, but didn't wish to talk about it.


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