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Date: June 26, 1987
Location: Sheboygan
County: Sheboygan

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Carter P.


Details of Incident:


On June 26, 1987 at approx. 11:15AM my son and myself saw our very first UFO. My son described it as an object moving vertically upwards in the North and slowly oscillating with flashes of metallic silver and blue, then stopped, then moved in an easterly direction very fast. It was oblong with sharp edges and at that time appeared to be about a foot long from his vantage point.

When I saw it for the first time seconds later, it appeared in the same form but only three inches long from the same vantage point probably due to the distance traveled. To me it was only metallic silver in color and was still slowly oscillating as it traveled in an easterly direction. Because of the oscillations I could determine it was definitely neither a balloon, bird, airplane, or helicopter. The visible edges were very sharply defined to me. I make these observations as my mental state was one of, if I'm going to see something, be very analytical about it. My son rushed out of the house and said he saw it again, disappearing out over Lake Michigan. My total view of the object was about 3-5 seconds because of the speed the object was traveling at and because of our limited vantage point within the house. Further, as the window was open it was determined there was no sound.

The weather conditions at the time were clear, bright, no clouds, and dry. The sun was high in the sky behind us which had to contribute to the clearness of what we saw.

I have read and been interested in this phenomena since about 1956 off and on and have always held an open mind about the subject while at the same time keeping a "I'm from Missouri - show me" attitude.

Based on my professional background, relative maturity, and the observations submitted there is no doubt in my mind that this was an observation not of our planetary capacity.

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