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Date: August 1988
Location: Elmwood
County: Pierce County & Dunn County

Source: Ellsworth, WI Pierce County Herald, August 24, 1988

Details of Incident:


Strange lights, unusual marks reported in area

Unusual marks in a rural Elmwood farm field and two reports of strange lights in Dunn and Pierce Counties late last week have the hearts of UFO fans pumping again.

"I don't know what to make of them," UFO Site Center president Tom Weber told an Eau Claire Leader-Telegram reporter Friday afternoon. Weber was at the scene of a supposed mysterious happening in Dunn County.

Charles Hutchins of rural Elmwood was cutting hay last Tuesday when he looked behind his mower and noticed some unusual circles in the field. The 15 to 20 marks were purplish-gray colored circles dusted with a white residue which felt like graphite to the touch. They varied in size from 10-12 inches.

The remote field, located near the junction of Dunn County Highways P and D, isn't one which might be frequented by pranksters trying to fuel UFO speculation, Hutchins told the Leader-Telegram.

A teenager who lives near the field recently told friends she had seen flashing lights in the area and saw something drop to the ground near the field before she became frightened and ran into the house.

Weber gathered soil and crop samples from the scene for analysis.

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