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Date: January 1997
Location: Howard's Grove
County: Sheboygan

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report -

Details of Incident:


I'm posting this UFO report after the fact because I just saw an entry for September 6th of this year regarding activity near Howard's Grove. I had an experience with UFO's up there one winter night, when visibility was excellent.

One evening in early 1997, when I was staying with some friends at a little place called Rhine Center, WI, I was having trouble sleeping. I did what I often do in this situation - I took a drive in my car. The roads were deserted, as it was at least 2:00 a.m. - more like 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. I remember passing Howard's Grove that night in my travels - so Rhine Center is close by.

The land surrounding Rhine Center is mostly flat or low, rolling hills of farmland, and I just enjoyed driving and watching the moonlight on the snow as I went past the farmers' places...not really trying to go anywhere in particular - just enjoying the moonglow on the snow. At some point, I looked off to my right - and there were three flying craft, chevron-shaped with round red lights underneath (two-three per vehicle).

They were matching me so I could see them flying "with me" off to my right. I thought - they must be testing some new aircraft or something - but odd that they're moving at my same speed from a distance. Not thinking much about it, I decided to keep going - occasionally glancing off to my right, to see if they were still there.

They were. I thought: now this is odd. I decided to make a turn at the next intersection I could find, to head off in a different direction - away from them. When I did, my radio station changed to a different tune! (Not a different station - just a different tune, interrupting the last one that was on the radio...) And they were still there...off to my right - matching me. I turned again - again the radio changed to a different tune - again they matched me. I did this at least 3 or 4 times before I decided that these guys were playing with me.

My dad was once an Air Force pilot, and I had had a lot of experience as a youngster both flying with him and saying "hello" from the ground to him and his friends in planes overhead. So, I decided to signal these pilots that I was playing with them, too - I flashed my lights on and off - I put down my windows and waved out my driver's side door window - and I honked my horn...shouted "HELLO!!!"

At this, they decided they had had enough - tipped their "wings" to signal "goodbye", and departed from my company. I was happy - I thought some pilots were just out having a good time while they were testing experimental aircraft...until I saw the graphic that accompanied some link to this website a few days ago - it was the exact picture of the craft I had the experienced with!...and it was a "UFO"...

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