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Date: June 23, 1998 00:30
Location: Neshkoro
County: Marquette

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Details of Incident:


Fireballs, streaks of bright light followed by objects flying at high altitudes.

Two of us were outside, watching the stars *(clear night) when a large orange streak went across the sky in a north-easterly direction. This was followed by a "Stealth" bomber flying overhead in a easterly direction. Several streaks across the sky followed and each time a streak was seen there was an object flying across the sky at the starting point or beyond the finishing point of the streak. There were several fly-overs at altitudes exceeding the normal for passenger jets. Then there was a large silver and bright blue streak across the sky in a westerly direction. This streak exploded into many directions. The explosion seemed to be very high in the sky, and no report was heard. Within less than five minutes the "Stealth" came back overhead from a south-east direction and proceeded north-west. The "Stealth" was low enough that you could see its outline. The objects flying at high altitude were moving in several directions, but did not follow the horizon line. Some disappeared in the middle of our line of site. Some were just flying across the sky, turned bright blue, and was gone. Some flew across the sky, stopped, and held position. Five object held position for almost an hour, moving closer together then separating. These were also a extremely high altitude. These objects had no back-trail, and were traveling 15-20 times faster than the "Stealth" when it flew over. The last things observed were several objects flying overhead, and a bright blue/white atmospheric something. The horizon was lit up for 360 degrees around us. It was bright enough to light the whole horizon and silhouette the trees at the horizon line. We wanted to stay outside longer to see if anything else would happen, but it was late and there had only been two objects flying over the last half hour.

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