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Date: February 6, 2000 10:30PM
Location: LaCrosse
County: LaCrosse

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Details of Incident:


Driving south on Hwy 35, I saw what appeared to be an aircraft crossing the Mississippi River with two white lights which did not strobe. Mississippi River mile marker 691. It crossed the main channel and dropped in altitude slowed below the stall speed of an air plane. As it moved east towards Hwy. 35 it stopped over Goose Island Park, the southern end. I pulled over at park entrance which I believe closes at 10:00pm. Then the two white lights went out, for about 15 seconds, then on moved slowly stopped lights out and after the third time stopped and started to descend below the tree line,and its light's went out. I drove south.

The two white lights kept at an equal distance even when turned on again, I opened my window and could hear no helicopter sound and the lights were spaced too far apart for any helicopter fuselage. There were four cars ahead of me going south they all slowed down but no one pulled over. I wish I would have drove down to the southern end of the park wear there is a boat landing. It would have been worth the fine! I believe it did land. If you are looking for landing site trace evidence this would in my opinion be a likely spot,Before we get anymore snow!

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