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Date: June 17, 2000 02:50
Location: Sheboygan
County: Sheboygan

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Details of Incident:


Unusual Three points of light formation travel across sky in a northeast direction at 02:50 6/17/00

I am an amateur astronomer. On the early morning of 6/17/00 I awoke early and decided to go outside on my open sky back porch and observe the sky since it was a beautiful clear sky. There was a full moon out so the sky was fairly bright but still quite clear. I was enjoying the sky seeing several meteors and a few satellites. At approx 02:50 am I notices some movement almost directly straight up from my position. The object or objects were extremely high (I can only guess as high as most satellites). The thing that was extremely odd was that this object or objects had three distinct equally bright points of light that all moved in formation at exactly the same speed and direction. The direction of travel was toward the northeast. The distance between each point of light was about the width of a thumbnail at arms length. The object formed an equilateral triangle with a single point of light in the front of the object (northeast side). The color of each point of light was bright white similarr to a brightsatellitee). The object or objects traveled in a straight line of direction at a constant speed. If it had been only one point of light I would have believed this to be a satellite. I have never seen a satellite with three points of light. I am sure this was not a common flying object because it had to be at an extremely high altitude. The object traveled at about the same speed as most satellites.

((NUFORC Note: We believe that the witness describes three satellites that orbit in formation, and which have been reported to us on numerous occasions. We suspect that they are the three "N.O.S.S." satellites that are reported to have been placed in orbit under a U. S. Navy program. Mr. Terence Dickinson, journalist for the Toronto (Canada) Star newspaper investigated the phenomenon during the summer of 1996, when the satellites were first reported by astronomers, and many other sky watchers. If anyone can provide NUFORC with more information about the satellites, we would be grateful. PD))

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