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Date: July 3, 2000 at 11:00 pm
Location: Dairyland
County: Douglas

Source: E-mail Submission from Eddie (EHPDRAGON@aol.com)

Details of Incident:


A small group of friends and I went camping over the 4th of July weekend in the Dairyland area, more specifically at Ratigan Dam. On the last night, two of the friends went for a walk a little after dark, only to come back and get me. They brought me a very short distance from our site and asked me what I saw. About 1/2 half mile away, maybe further, we saw two levels of lights, one at the lower portion of the distant tree line and another closer to the top of the trees. It didn't look like fog, as we could plainly make out the trees in the lighted areas. Shortly after that we walked back to our site.

They decided to get a better look and jumping into their truck they drove off to see what was causing the lights. I stayed at the site with two other friends. We had been using my telescope to check out some very bright stars. While talking about the lights, I noticed a very distant light in the sky, moving very quickly. I called to my friends to check this out, as there were no blinking lights like an airplane would have. We watched this circle of bright light move from east to west, facing south, very fast, it then stopped, for just a split second and then sped away - either out of the atmosphere, or just plain out of our general space. I'm not sure as this all happened over the span of a minute at most.

I didn't even have the chance to use my telescope, which is a Meade DS 114mm, with a focal length of 910mm. At the time I had my 25mm eyepiece in, but there just wasn't enough time to be able to track the object. Now I have NO idea what it was, but it was there and we all concluded it was not a plane, just from the fact it stopped, then took off so quickly. What you can do with this information is beyond me, I don't know who or what agency to contact. The exact date was July 3rd, 2000, approximately 11:00 pm cst., the camp site is located 38 miles south of Superior WI. We viewed the object in the southern sky, moving from east to west.

Again, I didn't know who to contact, as I'm not sure what we saw. If you know of anybody who might be interested in this information feel free to have them contact me at this e-mail address.


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