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Date: July 15, 2000
Location: Dundee
County: Fond du Lac

Source: Jim A

Details of Incident:

The object I saw was a triangular shaped craft. When I observed it through a pair of binoculars I could see that it had three lights at the corners - blue, purple and green - and a faint blue outline. When I first observed it, the object was stationary in the middle of the sky. A ball of light approached the triangle from the right, and when it got near the triangle the light changed both course and appearance, going from a ball of light to two lights: one red and one flashing white. In fact, after it changed its appearance it could have even been mistaken for an airplane even though before it changed you could see that it obviously wasn't an aircraft.


After about 5 or 10 minutes, the triangle craft started moving in a tumbling motion like it was almost rolling away to the right. Have you ever seen a four sided dice? It's like a pyramid with three sides and a bottom. That's what it looked like. When it did start moving I could see for the first time that it was three dimensional.

I have seen a photograph of the craft. It's a little blurred because it was moving, but not terribly. I'm currently waiting for the photographer's permission to post it here. He wants to make sure they're legally copyrighted because it was such an outstanding sighting. His name is Tim, by the way. Many of you who have been to Bill Benson's Hideaway (the UFO bar) in Dundee have seen his work.

Source: Email from eyewitness Diana of The Lightside.

There were about 15 or 20 witnesses to this sighting. We were out in the back of Benson's bar facing South/Southeast. We had seen a couple of orange lights then we saw a light with a bluish "cloud" around it. All who saw it saw the different facets of the shape and motion. I saw a pyramid shape with three lights across the base. The lights were purple, white and blue. Some recall a diamond shape that was tumbling. Others recall a pyramid facing downward. The object moved slowly enough for us to get a good long look. It proceeded straight overhead and behind us until the trees (North of Benson's) blocked our view.

Source: Report from eyewitness Bonnie Meyer of The Lightside.

It was a clear night; we were at Benson's Hide Away in Dundee, Wisconsin. We were sitting by the lake watching for UFO's. All of a sudden there was a craft that was mostly blue in color although at times it looked many different colors.

It was in the center of the lake. It was triangular in shape and it looked almost flat. It then started to rotate and tumble. It was at this point that we realized it was not flat but it looked just like the pyramids in Egypt do. It looked like two pyramids - one was on top of the other with the flat bottoms together so that there was a point at the top and the bottom.

The ship then started to move off to the west, rotating and tumbling at the same time. I followed it up to the tavern and across the road then I turned back to share what I had seen with the others who were present.

Bonnie Meyer

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