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Date: July 23, 2000 21:50
Location: LeGrange
County: Walworth

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Details of Incident:


Alternating lights on road become airborne, frightening at least three cars and their passengers.

My wife and I were returning to our home in South Milwaukee Wisconsin. We were traveling at 0950 PM CST (2150) driving East on Highway 12 just past the junction on hwy 12 and Hwy. H, just after dark. This is 1/4 mile east of LeGrange WI. I noticed what appeared to be a flashing railroad type crossing light ahead about 300 feet...My wife noticed it too. Then we realized it was MUCH larger than a railroad gate, and that the rose/red/magenta lights were alternating position UP and DOWN rapidly. When the light on the right went up, the one on the left went down and alternated ...I then thought maybe this was a farm tractor with a strange light pattern, but we were traveling 50 miles per hour and we could NOT catch up to it...it appeared to be in the center of the road moving away from us. Two cars were approaching from the opposite direction and they must have seen it too, because they swerved to avoid it and we had to drive onto the shoulder to keep from being hit by one of the cars. Note: The weirdest thing about this whole event was that, when the lights appeared to approach the oncoming cars, they stopped alternating and BECAME AIRBORNE, lifting off over a tree line to the left...they were headed in a northeast direction. My wife and I were stunned and we remain so. I was in the US Air Force for 20 years and I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like this. My wife said: "Did you see THAT?" when the lights became airborne...I continue to shiver and feel weird about this, as does my wife. I am STUNNED! We have NEVER seem anything like this! We are not kooks. We do not want any attention, but we had to report this to someone, because we are at wit's end trying to explain this. Please feel free to talk to my wife and myself about this, but please don't give out our names, as we don't want our friends and neighbors to think we are crazy. This DID happen, we just are shocked and stunned!

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