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Date: August 15, 2000 2AM
Location: Lake Superior (anchored at Rocky Island)
County: Bayfield

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by larry D.

Details of Incident:


My wife and I were anchored at Rocky Island anchorage on the south shore of Lake Superior's Apostle Islands. I stayed up to watch the stars and observe the sky. To do this and have a panoramic view, I stand on the Cabin top and lean against the main boom, and rotate slowly around in a 360 degree circle over a long period like 10 minutes.

The conditions were crystal clear, with no moon. Time was around 1:30 am. I noticed, due south of me, a deep red flashing light, approximately at a 1 sec. interval, surrounded by 6 rapidly flashing red strobe-like lights...randomly flashing at a high rate...perhaps every 1/3 sec. (ie; 3 per sec.). This object was moving directly at me, at a modest rate of speed, I estimate 300 mph max. Altitude was hard to determine, but it was at aircraft altitude or lower certainly. The object consisted of the 7 lights, and as it approached, I used my 7x50 binoculars to observe it. I could see a form to the body of the object..round, and it appeared to be maybe 30 ft in diameter or so. The shape was just visible in the glasses due to the starlight hitting it I believe..although it certainly could have other explanations too. As the object passed overhead, it was silent and observing it with the glasses still showed a round shape. THe stern of this object had a red blinking light identical to the large front slow blinking light. The rate was the same as the front light also, that is about 1/sec.

I watched the object continue smoothly over the northern horizon, with an elapsed time of viewing of about 20 sec. As soon as this object went over the northern horizon, another identical object appeared on the southern horizon, in the apparently exact same spot as the first object. It also traced the exact same course as the first object at the same altitude. It also had 6 flashing lights surrounding a larger, slower blinking center light. It also passed directly overhead, and onwards to the northern horizon. As soon as this one disappeared, I turned to the south, and saw a third object in nearly the same place as the first and second objects..appearing the same and at the same altitude. It passed over Ashland, Wisc and near the TV towers in Ashland, and straight over my head again.

By this time, I tried to awaken my wife, who was asleep in the vberth. She refused to awaken, no matter how loud I hollered for her. Not wanting to miss anything, I returned to the cabin top, and saw the 3rd object go over my horizon..as it did, a fourth object came out of the Northeast, traveling southwest. It also appeared to be identical to the other three. It had the same lights also. It's path was taking it to my north by perhaps 10 deg. from the vertical. I went down into the cabin and retrieved a 500,000 candlepower spotlight that runs off my vessels batteries, and flashed a Morse "Hi" to it (.... ..). I was actually somewhat scared frankly. Perhaps it was more like highly focused on this object.

It turned about 5 degrees, towards me and appeared to slow to about 1/2 of it's former speed. I was aware of an all-encompassing decision I had to make, as well as it's consequences..and it was NOT my thought. I wanted to see this thing and them if that would be appropriate. It was like another thought was forced on me? It was to signal to them again, and have the resulting encounter..I was sure there would be one, or stay quiet and they would continue on. I regret to say that I chickened out. It has taken this long (today is Oct.17, 2001) to report an event that happened in the summer of 2000.

In fact, I did not remember a lot about that encounter until months later, when memories started slipping in to place. What scares me is that if I repressed this much, how do I know that I am not also repressing additional memories about the object?

Since this event, I spend a lot of time watching the skies, honestly looking for these beautiful red lights again. I got a feeling from those lights that I have never experienced before. Unfortunately, I have seen lots of satellites, and quite a few unidentified lights, but nothing like the 4 red blinking lights. My wife and I and 4 others saw a very large burning ball, cone shaped tail, fly slowly over the lake at a 100 ft. or so and about 5 miles away. It then disappeared into a cloud bank, lighting it up. Then it just burned out, leaving a trail of burning bits slowly falling from it's path. But this was a rather common sighting for people I hear, so it was not reported.

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