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Date: August 18, 2000 6:00AM
Location: Sun Prairie
County: Dane

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Details of Incident:


Strange light seen same spot several times and then tried to make contact

I go to work around 6am 5 days a week. On several (6 or 7 times) I have seen what appears to be 3 or 4 bright lights streak across the sky. The first time I thought that they were comets or meteors of some sort, but as I thought about it, they were following each other. I live out in the country, away from the city lights. So I get a pretty good view of the sky. The next time was about 3 days later, this time there were more going in the same direction s.s.e. very fast high in the sky. The next time was on October 11th. This time they stopped in the middle of the sky, and they were much lower. I could see that they were more of a craft than a shape. One of them had very defined areas while the other ones were small. Still they were very far away. But while they were stopped I could not help but think that they were lookin at me. The last time, 10/14/00 , And this is what prompted me to tell this story, I saw only one streak the stay, but it turned around and went back the same way that it had came, without missing a beat. About three min later I was headed down HWY N towards I94 when three crafts, rather small, came up from behind the car, vanished, and reappeared about 1 mile down the road. Usually this road is busy in the am, but no one seemed to be around, which really creeped me out. I slowed the car down and stopped. Each had a beam of light, one to my left, one the right, and one that when from the ground through my car up and down. None of these lights were terribly bright, and I think that they were white or gray in color. Or it was a blue light. The middle one seemed to control the others movements as it moved. It also had a haze or glow to it that the others did not. The middle one was about the size of a Large SUV and the shape was almost that of a craft that something could sit in. It was almost like a TV set, large on one side and a bit smaller on the other, but it didn't look like a tv. It did not have any doors or windows, and no visible power source. It had one other light that was directly beneath the craft. The other two were more of a circle or globe with the tops smaller than the rest. They were plain in color and moved when the middle one did. Just then, I saw a car approaching from the rear. They simply went straight up and returned to the course they had been taking.?????? I have not seen them since, but most times take another route to work just to be safe. Sometimes I forget and feel real spooked driving down that road.

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