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Date: August 2000
Location: Fifield
County: Price

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Sean N.

Details of Incident:


It was in mid August of 2000 that I witnessed the first incident. It was around 10:00pm and I had went outside to take my dogs out. I was outside for about 2 or 3 minutes when I looked up into the sky like I usually do when I'm out at night and I noticed a very bright light going from south to north. It was larger than any other star in the sky and was moving faster than a plane but not at a tremendous speed either. It was probably 1/4 of an inch in width if you were to measure the object with your thumb and fore finger. As I watched it for a few seconds I rushed back in the house to get my dad so he could see this too. When I got back outside with my dad I looked north to where the object was headed last I seen but now there was nothing there. My dad then asked me "Is that what you're talking about?" and he was pointing south and there it was again, or possibly a different light coming from the same direction as the first time. We watched the light move very fast to the north and disappear out of sight. The light seemed to be pretty low in the sky, definitely way too low for it to be an airplane. I see airplanes fly over head here all the time and they make noise and are much higher in the sky. After it went out of sight we both waited to see what else would happen. Nothing did so we went back in the house.

The next night I went back outside at around 10:00pm curious to see if I could see this light again. I was outside for no more than 15 minutes or so and a bright white light came from the south just like before only this time it was accompanied by another craft of some sort. It had a red light that blinked and it also had a white light that did not blink. As I watched I hollered for my dad and my mom to come outside. I was really excited to be seeing this and I need someone else to see this for reassurance that I wasn't seeing things. My parents came out but not in time to see much of anything. I was very excited and told them what I saw and my dad tried to assure me that it was just a plane. About a minute later the same red blinking light came from the north and actually appeared to stop above our house! My parents saw this as well and were now rethinking their previous explanation. As this light stopped it then started to get fainter and fainter as if it were going higher in altitude. Then as it just about became invisible there was a rather large explosion of a bluish-white light. My mom was actually startled by the flash and became concerned. As we stayed outside we all seen numerous lights that were much smaller than the first bright white one. We counted around 12-15 of these lights coming and going from all directions. Sometimes there were more than one light at a time both going in different directions. I went into my house and got my binoculars and focused in on every light I could get into view. They moved very fast at time and one very bright one even appeared out of the middle of the sky and then blacked out in mid flight. There were no clouds this night and everything was visible. The whole event lasted an hour at most.

The third night started the same way as before at around 9:00pm and followed the same pattern only this time the big bright light was orange in color. This may sound odd but it seemed like they showed themselves whenever I went outside to see if I could see them. That night I personally counted 25 small and medium sized lights moving through the sky in all directions. My dad was so startled at this nightly ritual of lights that he called NBC 12 news Rhinelander to report on what we were seeing and the response he got was one of "yeah right." They basically told him to go back out and watch the lights.

The 4th night I again counted around 10 lights and the 5th night was a cloudy day and night, BUT to my surprise I had went outside at just before 8:00pm and almost as soon as I fixed my eyes to the south-east, through the gray clouds in the sky I seen a very very large orange cylinder shaped light that remained visible for about 2 seconds before it apparently went back up trough the clouds. That was the last night anything like that has happened here. I continued to look up at the sky at night for weeks hoping to see the lights reappear but they never did.

This is EXACTLY what I saw that week and amazingly no one else in the area saw anything, or if they did they did not report it.

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