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Date: September 28, 2000 21:00
Location: Oshkosh
County: Winnebago

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Details of Incident:


Glowing orange flying saucer above UW Oshkosh seen

I wanted some fresh air to clear my head, I'm up on the UW Oshkosh campus. I was in Donner Hall. Outside the window was a parking lot and to the left of that was grass and a bench under a tree. I went outside and layed down on the bench so my feet were towards the building. It was nice. I was staring up through the tree branches (no leaves). From my view an orange glowing like thing came from the left. I saw it and followed it through the tree branches wondering what it was. It came out into the clear and it looked like a saucer, just like I see in the movies sort of and it was glowing orange, but it was clear enough to make out and see little ovals that might've been windows. It was a saucer bottom and a little hump in the middle (the way people say they usually look). There was only one and I was the only one that saw this I'm pretty sure. Suddenly as it continued going it did a spiral maneuver (flying in a spiral) and disappeared from my sight behind the building (I don't mean it landed). It took me a few minutes to finally realize what I saw. But I DID see it. I told my now ex-girlfriend and my........about it. My girlfriend believed me of course (they believe you all the time), but my......didn't quite believe me. I had some exams that week and I'm attention starved and stuff like that. He tried to convince me that those were the reasons I saw what I saw. In the first place, I wasn't stressed at all. I had a lot on my mind and I did not do this for attention. No way. I can't be 100% sure of what I saw, but I got a damn good look and I saw and didn't imagine it. You don't imagine a glowing orange thing flying over you in the shape of a UFO. I didn't see any sci-fi movies or anything. It came out of the blue and wasn't even thinking of anything related. Sorry this is a late report, but better late than never. I feel kind of special that I saw a UFO.

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