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Date: November 23, 2000
Location: Fountain City
County: Buffalo

Source: Email report from Timothy Dust (DMoonwraith@aol.com)

Details of Incident:


On Thursday 11/23 or Thanksgiving, my brother, Jonathan Dust and I, Timothy Dust, were both at our parents' rural cabin outside of Fountain City, Wisconsin celebrating the holiday. After dinner, say around 6:25 pm, my brother and I decided to go outside on our deck for a breath of fresh air since my father was burning wood to supplement the electric heaters in the house and the wood smoke bothered my eyes. The deck is just off of the 2nd floor, so the floor of the deck is at the tree tops. We had an awesome view of the night sky that evening since it was totally clear and the temperature was about thirty degrees. Looking around at the stars, I suddenly noticed a large "stationary" red and orange light, hovering approximately 100 feet above an adjacent ridge of bluffs called Canada Ridge. Canada Ridge is about 1/2 mile away from the cabin, so the object was within 1 mile of us. My brother went and got a pair of high powered binoculars to view it more clearly. I just watched it with my eyes. It changed its position several times - up and down, left to right, then right to left, as if bobbing on the waves or like a leaf in the wind. The colors changed as well, from rosy red to orange to white with a tint of green and then back to red...at one point it looked as if it was leaving the area, and then it came back to its original spot of 100 feet above the ridge, then lowered itself down into the tree line and proceeded to go back and forth until it disappeared into the next valley. We both watched this "orb" for say 40-45 minutes...there was no sound. In the valley, known as "Eagle Valley," you can usually hear a neighbor's TV set in his house since the sound carries so well due to the deep valley and the closeness of the bluffs. To me and my brother, this was definitive proof of some sort of craft, not ours, out in the rural areas of Wisconsin, doing what?? Who knows.

Tim Dust

PS: The "orb" was located in the Northern sky...pleiades was directly behind us upon observing this craft...and, at arms length, it was the size of a pencil eraser.

Source: Email report from Jonathan Dust

It was 6:20pm evening of Thanksgiving day and we went out on to the porch to star gaze, since the cloud cover was not bad above us. We were identifying several constellations as per usual when Timothy noticed a bright red light off in the SW about two miles away hovering over the ridge tree line by 100 feet. From my perspective it was a bright red light, it was not a plane (no associated green or white lights) because it held position. It did move like a settling leaf (back and forth) at one time like it was looking for something. I then retrieved my binocs and got a better look. It moved into the tree line like it was hiding. Then 5 minutes later it looked like it landed. We continued watching, but did not see it reappear within a half hour. An interesting note, the wx in that direction was overcast so it was not at a far distance. Overall sighting was about 20 minutes.

J. Dust (also witnessed by my brother)

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