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Date: December 31, 2000 11:45PM
Location: Eagle River/Anvil Lake
County: Vilas

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report - Witness requested to remain anonymous

Details of Incident:


Sighting occurred at our cottage located on the NW shore of Anvil Lake. The cottage is situated approx 75 feet back from the shoreline with an unobstructed view of the lake. I was alone at the time of the sighting, sitting in the living room area which has an 8 ft glass patio door overlooking the lake. While reading, I saw a momentary bright green flash of lite streak by the patio door, followed by a red streak, which shot by almost like a flare. Although the patio door is covered by vertical blinds, there are small gaps that you are able to see through. Thinking I was seeing reflections of car tail lights, as the wall opposite the patio door is also windows and the driveway is located in the back of the cottage, I looked out the back windows and saw nothing. I then looked at the clock, noticed it was 11:45PM, and thought that the lights were caused by people out on the ice, lighting off fireworks in anticipation of ringing in the New Year at midnight.

Wanting to see the fireworks display, and wondering who might be setting them off, I went to the patio door and peeked through the blinds for a better look. The first thing that caught my eye was a bright neon-green "ball of lite or fire" for lack of a better way to describe it, moving rapidly. This thing was only several feet above the ice, 50 ft. to the right of, and 150 ft. out from our cottage. It was basketball sized, perfectly round and very bright. When I first saw this, it was moving rapidly SE, turned 180 degrees and headed NE until it was straight out from the cottage. I then noticed several more of these ball light things, I would guess 6 total. Several were the neon green and the remainder were amber red, but again very bright, as though there was a powerful light bulb in side of them lighting them up. They were all identical in size, shape and the way in which they moved about.

These balls were all moving very rapidly around, independent of one another, but within an approx 100ft. area of each other. They were about 150 ft. away from me, and approx 50-100 feet off the surface of the ice. As they moved about, changing directions by making rapid but fluid and smooth circular turns, or loops, they looked to have a phosphorescent quality about them, as they all left a long trail of illumination behind them and the same color as the ball. I recently viewed the internet pictures of the Dundee sighting 7/21, and was startled by the last 6 pictures shown as they are very similar to what I saw in terms of color, shape, and illuminated looking trails of light.

I watched the "ball" display for several minutes, stunned and unable to begin to comprehend what these things were, then or now for that matter. I had never heard of such things, and knew virtually nothing about UFOs. As they continued moving about, one of the red balls heading in one direction looped around and looked to be heading directly at me, prompting me to take several steps back from the patio door. I instantly felt fearful, and recall that "sinking" feeling in the pit of my stomach, a sensation that I have felt when a family member is severely injured, etc. I think it was probably just plain old fright!!

While my memory of what occurred up to this point is clear, for reasons I do not understand, my memory of what occurred after seems "disjoined" or "fragmented" in that I am not certain about the sequence of events, and how one event flowed into another. For example, after stepping back from the door, clearly afraid, I next recall again looking out the door, very calm and with no thought or memory of having been afraid just a few minutes earlier. I don't know what I did between stepping back from the window afraid, and again being by the window calmly looking out. It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. While calmly looking out the door, I noticed the sky seemed brighter above the cottage (like the light of a full moon in the sky, but not illuminating anything around or below it.) I couldn't see the moon at all and thought maybe it was directly above the cottage. I bent down to get a better look out the door, as there is an overhang above the patio door making it difficult to see anything in the air if it is close to the cottage. Initially, it just looked like the moon must be out, although I still couldn't see it from where I was. As I continued to look at the area that seemed lighter or brighter, I saw 2 bright white lights, approx 100 ft. apart and identical to and parallel with one another, descending slowly towards the ground. There was no noise, and the white lights flashed, similar to those on the wingtips of a plane. All I could see were the lights themselves, I couldn't discern any type of structure although they seemed to be connected somehow. While the lights were bright, they did not illuminate anything around them, and again it was pitch dark. It eventually completed its descension and looked to be near the shoreline, and at ground level when it stopped, resting approx 50 ft. to the Rt of, and approx 75 feet in front of our cottage. The white lights continued flashing. I remember feeling EXCITED at what I was seeing, yet even at this point WHAT this thing was never entered my mind (ie: is it a plane, helicopter, etc.) I would have thought, in retrospect that that would be the first thing I would want to know. After this thing stopped descending I turned off the lights in the cottage (I think to cut down the glare in the door so I could better see whatever was out there). I also went into the dining room to shut the drapes on the large picture window (I don't know why). While looking thru this window, I could still see the white lights flashing and its position hadn't changed, however the red and green balls were back and flying in close proximity to the white lights. All of the lights seemed somewhat blurred from this window, however it is covered with plastic. We can see clearly during the day out of this window, so I'm not sure if things would always be blurry at night through this window or not. We never had occasion to question this as there hasn't been anything but darkness before in winter time.

After closing the drapes, I went back to the patio door, anxious to look at the lights again. When I looked out, whatever was on the ground was gone, although it was less than 3 seconds in between shutting the drapes and looking out the patio door again. Instead, what I saw were the balls of light moving about again, approx 150 ft in front of me, and 30-50 ft above the ice. They again stayed within an approx 100 ft area, like before, however now there were 2 identical looking stationary lights parallel to one another which looked as though they were suspended in the air hanging just above the balls of light. These stationary lights were approx 3 ft wide, 2 ft high and approx 100 ft apart from each other and I thought were somehow part of the same structure, although at this point I couldn't see any structure. They were the amber-red and neon-green in color (just like the balls), except that these also had a tint of blue as they pulsated, much like the flashing light on a police car, but without radiating any light away from the source. As the balls of light moved about, I had the impression that they were running along the surface of something, as they stayed very closely around these bigger lights. I also felt as though the light balls were somehow electrical or any energy of some type. Whether these bigger lights were part of the same thing that was on the ground or how it went from the ground to hovering in front of me, I don't know as I never saw the thing on the ground depart or move, and I never saw the bigger red/green lights arrive.

As I was very curious as to whether these bigger lights were part of something else, I was straining to try and see anything around it. As I was concentrating on the 2 big lights, I kept looking from one to the other for any connecting piece. While doing this I got a strong feeling of being drawn to or somehow hypnotized by the light on the left, starting at it, yet thinking this was not a good thing, and repeatedly telling myself to "stop starting at it", needing to concentrate on pulling my eyes away from it, which I was able to do. I again began looking in between the two, and was just able to make out a curved rim of what looked like a darker gray or black metal running between and behind the larger lights. I could also see numerous closely and evenly spaced slats running along this rim, similar to what a home heating vent would look like.

I couldn't make out any other solid structure, nor could I see its size, shape, etc. Incredibly, when I saw the rim of metal, for the first time during this incident, I thought UFO! Thinking it would shoot down a ray of light (the movies?), I looked below it. I could clearly see the snow covered ice beneath it, also noticing that there was no swirling or blowing of snow being caused by this thing. Realizing this really WAS a UFO terrified me. I went as far to the back of the cottage as possible, trying to distance myself from it. I ended up standing in the living room near the opposite wall from the patio doors, next to the back door. I stood there for what I think was about 10 minutes, not knowing what to do. (The ten minute time frame is a complete guess as I never looked at the clock at the end of this experience) After what I think was the ten minute time frame, I cautiously returned to the patio door to briefly look out, hoping whatever had been there was gone. When I looked out, I saw nothing but darkness.

There was never any noise during this incident. Surprisingly, our dog (husky/lab) who is an excellent guard dog had been sleeping before this whole thing started, and as far as I can remember he never even changed position, sleeping through this entire thing.

When the snow melted in the spring of this year, we noticed 2 large/deep holes on the beach in the sand just to the right of our cottage, the same area that I had seen that thing descend to ground level. These holes were parallel to one another, and looked to be the same size, shape, depth. There was a distance of about 100 ft in between them. They looked to be approx 1 ft x 1 ft x 1 ft deep. A close friend, and former police officer, looked at these holes, and felt that whatever had created them was extremely heavy as there wee leaves, etc pushed deeply within the holes. I did videotape this area 5/20, 6-8 wks after the snow melted. Because of the amount of time that had gone by, allowing ample time for the holes to fill in by blowing snow, they are obviously not as visible as they were initially. However the hole on the left was still easily visible even from our deck, and I was able to get decent pictures of this one, which I will be sending to you for review.

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