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Date: April 22, 2003 9;50PM
Location: Elroy/New Lisbon
County: Juneau

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report - Witness requested to remain anonymous

Details of Incident:


My husband and I were waiting for the 10:00PM news to come on and we were sitting in our living room near our large patio door. Something turned on outside in the sky, just like a light was switched on, and I turned to look out the door. Just as quickly as that two more lights came on in line with the first one and this time my husband's attention was also drawn to the phenomenon. We immediately went to the glass doors and opened them up to step outside and at that point three or four more of the same type of lights switched on. My husband saw all the lights evenly in a row, but I thought that the last three or four lights were a little up and down from the first three lights and not quite even. We could tell that the lights were bigger than any normal airplane lights, much brighter and all of them were a orange/red color. They appeared just over the tree line so they weren't as high as what one would expect from a 30- or 40,000 ft. airplane going over. The first lights in the row flickered on and off a bit like they were being tested and then they all disappeared instantly...NO SOUND WHATSOEVER. The lights had a more solid central core with a luminous ring around that and they appeared to be almost stationary with any movement at all being from the north towards the south. We have never seen anything like this and hope that there will be others who have seen the same thing. It happened so quickly, but it was more than evident and I would think that anyone driving on I90-94 near Camp Douglas, New Lisbon etc. would have seen this. The night was very clear and the stars were a wonderful backdrop, but these lights stole the show and I for one will continue to search the night skies for more of the same.

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