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Date: June 16, 2003 23:30
Location: River Falls
County: Pierce

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Details of Incident:


This is my first multi-sighting.

At approx 11:30pm 06/16/03 one of the men who resides in a 1/2 way house I manage came to me and said "for the last 3 nights we have seen stars move across the sky".

I went out side and looked up at the night sky that was fairly clear but some high thin clouds were blocking parts of the view, however the major features were visible...Big Dipper etc. ..

At first I didn't see anything so I went back inside, then a minute later I heard one of the guys say loudly "there's one"! I ran outside and saw a light move quickly from N to S running parallel with the Big Dippers' handle. After about 20 seconds it disappeared, in that time span it had moved nearly the length of the visible sky from N to S.

About that same time I spotted another light moving S to N at about the same speed in the eastern sky about 30 degrees east of the first light, this light disappeared behind some high clouds and I lost track of it, less then a minute later I saw another light move very quickly from W to E but also lost it in high clouds.

What I thought first was a meteor shower was certainly not that! Neither was it commercial aircraft because there was at least 4 in that time period flying E to W to land at either St Paul Holman field or MSP and they very easy to see and follow because River Falls is in a landing corridor for both airports, although the jets all usually fairly high up yet when they pass overhead. I can get three others to confirm this and probably much more because they have been watching this for several nights now! To me it seemed like these lights were on "patrol" for something being there were many more than the three I clearly saw, dozens have been seen by two of our residents, I plan on watching at least 2 more hours tonight and then again tomorrow!

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