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Date of Incident: July 13th, 2003
Time of Incident: between 11pm and 2am
Location of Incident: Sheboygan, Sheboygan County
Other Related Reports: Not Applicable

Source of Report: UFOwisconsin.com online sightings report form by name witheld.

Details of Incident:


when i was 22 years old, my parents were away for the weekend and left the house to myself, after a small party/get together, i was ready to call it a night when for some reason i thought that the garage door was left unlocked. i went outside to make sure the door was locked and that the beer cans were cleaned up. while walking across the drive way, back to the house after checking the door, there was a large shadow cast over me that blocked out the moonlight, i looked up and saw a huge triangular flying craft. it had three lights on it, one on each corner of the triangle, at first i thought it was a military plane, or posibley even airforce one, because the president or vice president was scheduled to speak in a neighboring town that upcoming weekend as part of their campaign for the 2004 election. But as i watched it fly over me i realized that it was not making any kind of a sound, in fact there was no sound at all outside, crickets stopped chirping and the wind stopped blowing through the trees, everything was dead silent. I also was taken back by the fact that it seemed to be flying so low in the sky because of how big it looked, it was either flying very low or a gigantic craft that was flying at regular altitude. Just as it passed i remember thinking to myself that this cannot be a plane or a jet because of the silence, this thing must have been gliding i thought to myself, like a hang glider, but it just seemed too big. There is a small airport near the area, about 5 miles away, but the craft seemed to be flying diagnally from where the airport is located, leading me to believe that it was neither coming from nor going to the small city airport, instead it seemed like it was on a path to follow the highway Interstate-43, I-43 and State highway 23 intersect just a few blocks from the house.

What will always stick with me will be the silence and the size of the object and that it seemed to glide over my parent's house exactly, and of course the deep dark black color of the whole thing. it would probably have been invisable if it weren't for the moon shadow it cast on the ground and the three small lights on each corner. if it weren't for the bright moon that night, it may have looked like 3 individual lights flying in formation.




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