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Date: August 13, 2004  11:00p.m.
Location: Remington
County: Juneau County, Wisconsin

Source: UFOwisconsin.com report by Michael H.

Details of Incident



I was sitting around a fire facing south.  I was looking at a flag that was lit by a floodlight.  Then about 5 miles behind that flag, above the treelines and in the low clouds, an orange light appeared.  It was glowing when i pointed it out to my freind.  When he looked at it, another light to the right of the original appeared, then one to the originals left, all orange, in a triangular formation.  They then moved what appeared to be south, then the outer two lights blinked away, and the middle one became really bright then disappeared.  Being out in the country like that it was dead quite, and not a sound was heard.  While we sat in awe staring at the same region of what we just saw, and talking about it, two jets and two helicopters approached from the west and east, and converged on the site.  They commenced to circling the area for about an hour.  That is when we knew what we just saw was something more.  I have seen many weird phenomenon in the night sky befo!
re, but nothing this strange.  The only problem i have with this sighting is that they are always doing air training in a variety of planes and helicopters which led me to think this could have been some kind of manuevers that they were doing.  Why refutes that though is that it was totally quite when it happened, then when we witnessed the aircraft converging around the scene, it was really loud due to engine noies.

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