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Date: July 2004   
Location: Unknown 
County: Polk County, Wisconsin

Source: UFOwisconsin.com report by Shawn L.

Details of Incident


This all started the end of July or the begining of August.We have been through so much its hard to remember.This has involved myself,my wife and 11yo daughter.It all began with seeing a light in the southern sky that had a red green blue flicker around it. I took a 1,000,000 candle spot and flashed up a it as a joke.I said to my wife WATCH IT FLASH BACK OR COME OVER FOR A VISIT.It flashed back.I didn't think I was seeing right so I flashed again.It flashed back.I went in the house and got a laser pointer and aimed it off the trees across the road and lifted up until I thought I was pretty close to where it was.I flashed.It turned solid red and flashed the same number of flashes.It seemed to be moving in our direction and we went in.Around 1:30 a.m. I went to the MENS room.When I went passed the picture window I saw what looked like a ball of orange jello that was wobbling.I hollared for the wife to grab the cameras.We went out on the deck and tried to get photos an!
d footage.Through our cameras nothing was visible.We could see it with the naked eye.Then out of nowhere it felt like took a wizz on an electric fence.I didn't know why and didn't hang out to find out.We ran in the house and I asked my wife if she felt that and she said did you see that.See what.That thing shot you with a red beam of light.I lost around 20 lbs in 2 weeks.I also have spinal cord injury that gives me the same symptoms as M.S. and that has been whole lot better.I have since shot 50-60 hours of video and 1000s of photos.I will add more to this.I'm have some of my stuff done by a digital lab.I'll start off with a pretty neat pic.The day we shot this we watched many of them at once.We even had EYE WITNESSES that had no clue what they were going to be asked to see.

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