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Date of Incident: March 19th, 2007
Time of Incident: 9:30-11:40
Location of Incident: West Allis, Milwaukee County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Geoffrey S.

Details of Incident:

this is not a ufo sighting but a governmental aircraft sighting of a airplane that was supposedly dropped and forgotten about years ago I believe me and my friends witnessed 2 aurora aircrafts it was 9pm when me and my 2 friends were walking the streets of west Allis and we noticed two planes flying way faster then what the should of been flying and we calculated it out to be flying around mach 7 and there were two wing tip white lights and on top in the middle was a red light now granted it was dark out so its hard to see the body shape but all we saw was the lights as if it was see through and it appeared it was circling the city because it was all the way over here one second and then all the way over there the next as in if it was a regular aircraft it would a tooken forever for that travel distance and they were flying one behind the other but from the guessing of the lights it was triangular in shape and then latter that night at 11 Iím at my bus stop on 66th and Lincoln with only one friend and from out of nowhere we see only one of the planes come slowly hovering over a building flying towards us only a few hundred feet above the ground and I can clearly picture it and everything and if u Google image aurora aircraft that is exactly what it looked like. Now this time of sighting it, it slowly flew over us with out emitting one bit of sound what so ever the craft flew over us tilted its body to the side and under the wings on each side were 2 circular lights that lit up as if it was taking a photo of us and then the lights went out the aircraft straightened out and just hovered right on pass us slow silent and low and we could no longer see that aircraft due to the tress and houses and the aircraft had the same light arrangement on it as the ones we saw high in the sky earlier that night



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