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Date of Incident: October 16th, 2008
Time of Incident: 7:00 pm
Location of Incident: Near University-Madison

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Sarah G.

Details of Incident:

I was driving with my children in Shorewood village at around 7:15 pm when I looked up past the trees and saw a flying object, which in itself is not unusual since I live near UW hospital. We see many helicopters and flights in and out of the airport. This object puzzled me though. It was low enough to the ground to be a helicopter but too large. It was also in an unusual shape to be an aircraft: a scalene triangle. The triangle was flying at about the height of a helicopter and it had dim blue lights at each corner with one additional red blinking light at the rear. It seemed low enough and large enough that one would be able to see the body of the craft, but it was completely dark except for the lights. There was no sound. I told my 5 year old that I was seeing something strange and that I was going to follow it instead of going home. By this time it had passed beyond the trees and the houses so I had to drive out the neightborhood. I was able to see it one more time from a parking lot next to University Avenue. By this time the triangle had changed orientation a bit. It was still headed in the same direction but it appeared to have flipped (or it was just my different point of view). I was able to notice two more aspects. First it was moving at about the speed of airplane, if an airplane was flying that low. Second, it was very, very big. It seemed too big to be an airplane when I later compared my memory to "real" aircraft. A few days later I discussed my sighting with my husband and we thought perhaps it could be military. Maybe there is a secret spy plane that is very, very large and has a strange triangle shape that has blue lights and makes no sound...perhaps, right? If there is someone with that can verify that for me, then don't hesitate to call, otherwise I'm calling it what I saw: a UFO.


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