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Date of Incident: November 17th, 2008
Time of Incident: 9:00 pm
Location of Incident: Marshfield, Marathon

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by James C.

Details of Incident:

Around 9:00pm on Nov. 17 2008 my girfriend and i had seen a very bright multi-colored lights in the sky as we looked off of our porch. The 4-5 lights were flickering and twinkling like stars, but they were moving. they were all aligned in a row like christmas lights. Then all of a sudden three of them became brighter than the moon, but smaller. The three of them became closer and closer together and then started to rotate. After hovering for about five seconds they slowly moved as if they were diving to the ground and then they stopped and three more lights appeared along side of them. They suddenly vanished and re-appeared in a different spot in the sky. This went on for about 45mins. At one point there were ten to fifteen of them at once. They would give off a brilliant light together. They moved so fast and the way they moved was something i have never seen in my life. I have waited all my life to see something like this and it was as amazing as i always knew it would be.




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