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Date of Incident: November 17th, 2008
Time of Incident: Around 10PM
Location of Incident: near Warrens WI, Monroe County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Jeanne M.

Details of Incident:

At approximately 9:30PM on Mon. 11-17-08 my husband and I were driving East on I-90 in our motorhome. I was dozing when my husband shouted for me to look in the sky in front of us and just to the left. He had seen something that looked like a huge strobe light. When I looked a huge row of eight hugely bright domed lights in an arc appeared for a few seconds and then went off. The sky was entirely clear and we could see all the stars and normal airplane activity just after this. This series of eight lights was around a very large object that we couldn't see. We only saw lights. Suddenly we again saw the eight lights more to the right than the last time. We thought it must be a large mothership of some type although we have never seen any other UFO activity in our lives. The lights again went out within seconds. We never saw those lights again but we started seeing series of four lights and two lights and sometimes the four lights were going straight up and splitting directions with two lights going one way and two in another. There were probably 10 of these series of lights that were on for a few seconds and then off. These lights could be seen from our far left to our far right way up in the sky. In between we would see smaller lights that could have been confused as airplanes except they were moving faster than anything we've ever seen in the sky. All of the craft were going faster than anything we'ver ever seen before. The whole episode lasted about 5-10 minutes. I did capture a series of four of the lights on my cell phone camera. This was extremely difficult to do as you didn't know where to aim or when the lights would show up so felt I was very fortunate to have captured the image. To anyone else they wouldn't mean anything as it just shows a black sky with four lights at the top of the screen. Did anyone else see these objects? We were thrilled at the fantastic sight we'd never seen before.




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