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Date of Incident: November 17th, 2008
Time of Incident: 9:30 PM
Location of Incident: Arpin, Wood County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Jason W.

Details of Incident:

On the night of the 17th I was across the street from the Church in Arpin in a small field playing fetch with my dog. We were just about to go in when I decided to throw the toy one more time down an alley way that comes out towards a park. While it was in the air I noticed what looked like 3 or 4 aircraft lights that were blinking. The lights were all white and did not seem to have any pattern to when they would blink like normal planes do. They were also static in the sense that they did not have a steady course of travel. They remained in the same area for a long time but were moving in the sky. After watching them for less than a minute I saw 2 lights come on right next to each other from one of the aircraft. They looked like headlights almost but at a very far distance in the sky. After they went off 2 more blinking aircraft appeared and immediately headed away from the original aircrafts which were still there towards the west. I wasn't sure what they were so I continued to watch and within 3 minutes more lights came on for a brief moment. Each time they came on they were in a straight horizontal line in the sky. The second time there were roughly 4 or 5 lights that again, looked like headlights and they were right next to each other. The lights all came on at the same time but went off one by one in a row. I picked my dog up at this point and walked around the house to the front. I continued to watch the blinking aircrafts and within about 4 minutes I saw another set of 4 or 5 come on for a moment and then go off. I knocked on the neighbors door to try and get her to come out and verify what I was seeing but she didn't come any further than her front step and didn't see any as there were trees in the way. I stepped back out to the road and the last time I saw the lights there were roughly 10. They came on one by one in a line right next to each other.. and were very bright. They went off one by one about 2 seconds after in the order that the came on in. It was clear at this point to me that it couldn't have been a single aircraft because they spanned too much of the sky for it to be any single aircraft I had ever seen. There was no noise at all and within about 1 minute after I saw the last lights I saw an object shoot out of the sky from the East to the West. It was traveling much slower than a shooting star and was much brighter. It appeared to be about 30-50 miles away. I was in awe at this point and decided to grab my camera. I managed to film a short clip of the blinking aircraft after I saw everything but my battery died just afterwards and I wasn't able to actually capture the bright lights coming on. I observed the 2 original blinking aircrafts from the middle of the road after everything happened but did not see any other bright lights. After about an hour and a half the blinking aircrafts were gone and I went inside and digitally recorded my thoughts about what I had just seen.




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