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Date of Incident: December 18th, 2008
Time of Incident: 6PM
Location of Incident: Near Hancock

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by David K.

Details of Incident:

The four of us were driving to Madison on Highway 51, Rachel was driving, I was in the front passenger seat, and Jessica and Dana were sitting in the back. I first noticed in the southeast corner ahead of our truck a odd yellow light. It came on and then dimmed maybe 5 seconds later, I pointed this first light out to Rachel, simply cause it was kind of weird looking. She missed the first light but then a second light came on to the left of the first yellow light, this one again faded. We both were laughing and wondering what it could be as a third yellow light came to the right of the first one, and again faded. This was right around 6PM, probably no latter than 6:15. After the third light went out nothing happened for maybe a minuet, we were now all watching the sky, Dana who what sitting in the back seat drivers side, then noticed a blue flashing light. This light resembled a tower light, but was high in the sky, right after that, Dana noticed that there were actually three blue flashing lights that were all moving in unison, spread out a huge distance, maybe the size of a foot ball field or so, if you would have connected the "dots"/lights it would have made a triangle. These blue lights, I should specify were rather small, large enough to see, but not nearly as large as the yellow lights. The lights moved across the highway, sill in front of us a ways but coming in our general direction, moving diagonally across the highway. Once the lights crossed the highway Rachel could no longer really watch, she was still driving, (we totally should have pulled over) still watching the lights, now on the other side of the highway there was suddenly a really bright yellow light, same color and warm tone of the other yellow lights, but much much brighter. This light stayed on for maybe 10 or 15 seconds, then went out. I freaked out at this point, screamed "BIG yellow light" at this point none of us were really concerned or worried, but incredibly intrigued. The blue flashing lights that made up the large triangle shape were still flashing in unison. Maybe two minuets after the large light came on suddenly many yellow lights came on, and an object rotated.

Side note: Iím an art student and part of out schooling is learning how to draw and render space/depth of objects, and how objects really are shaped three dimensionally even if you canít see the whole object. As this object rotated, the yellow lights that were on the side of it rotated in the way a triangle would.

So this object with the yellow lights that rotated was in the middle of the three flashing blue lights. The inner triangle rotated for maybe 10 seconds. At this point I was amazed and maybe scared, excited, it was a weird emotion. We continued driving, now that the yellow lights went out, the blue ones were still present and flashing for another few minuets. Along this part of the highway there were a lot of trees in the way, so I couldnít tell if any other yellow lights went on or what happened exactly at this point, but when there was a break in the trees we could still see the blue lights, for maybe another five minuets. The whole event happened between Hancock and Coloma and lasted anywhere from 10 to 15 minuets. We pulled over in Westfield to see if anything was still going on, and we couldnít see anything.

This was something absolutely remarkable. It was weird and I know most people that hear it that werenít in the car, and didnít see it themselves probably wont believe it. I am so happy I was three other people, so I donít sound completely crazy. This thing was so huge and didnít make a sound, it moved gracefully, just weird. I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed something like this. Whatever "this" may be. I definitely have some thoughts on the matter.




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