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Date of Incident: December 18th, 2008
Time of Incident: 6 pm
Location of Incident: Wisconsin Rapids, Wood County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Nicholas F.

Details of Incident:

I was driving south on hwy 34 from Wausau towards Rapids and I saw a light which I initially thought was a meteor heading straight down, but it was very bright and then at the end it curved east then disappeared. It was also below cloud level. At this point I thought I must have seen some airplane headlight doing something wierd. About 3 minutes later as I got about 1 mile north of hwy 10 I saw a group of these lights start popping into existence, making a hook like shape with the final ones moving east while the initial ones were not really moving. While these were still lit up another one or two appeared about a mile to the east and made some kind of slow movement. They would then disappear without a trace. There was no streak behind them, no bright flash before or at the end, they just appeared then disappeared. All of these were below cloud level also. I would estimate I was about a mile or two away from them. They were cream orange colored, similar to the color of some street lights.

At this point I was confused, this was happening on the south side of hwy 10 east of Junction City where there is nothing but woods and some farm fields. I continued driving home, watching out the windows the whole time looking for more. Then when I got all the way down to hwy P, as soon as I turned west onto hwy P from hwy O there were more. This time they appeared to be further away in the west, somewhere about Reddin Road area, I counted a line of more than 12 of them popping up next to each other quickly but then just floating, and as soon as the last one in this first line appeared a new line of just as many appeared what I would say would be a mile to the south of the first line. You could draw a straight line connecting the 2 lines of lights. I lost sight of them behind trees for about 15 seconds, then they were gone when I got to a clearing again.

They did not appear to be flames or debris falling off of an aircraft. How they popped into existence and then sat still doesn't seem to be how fireworks would act, or how the first ones started out by coming down and then turned later. Why would the second ones appear 20 miles apart from the first group I saw. Maybe some kind of ball lightning? But it was really cold out, probably around 5 degrees or less, and the cloud cover was not very dense. We were at the northern edge of a snowstorm that showed up after midnight, but this was at 6pm. I was not close enough to see if there was some object associated with these lights, it was dark out.

Whatever I saw I cannot come up with a reasonable explanation as to what it was. There were several other cars traveling at that time that had to have seen the lights also.




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